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    1. Emory says:

      I just had the same thing happen.  He left a message for me on Tuesday with the same message and again today.  He called my phone 6x in row yesterday between 6:55pm and 7:25pm.

    2. Cristopher says:

      Multiple text messages from various numbers received at all hours from 101-010-0257, 0256, 0228, 0259, 0260, 0233, etc......

    3. Wayne says:

      Received call from them twice within 2 hours. I answered and it said it was the "National Polling Center". I hung up. Most likely, a polling spammer since the election is coming up in November.

    4. Gino says:

      I got this phone call and I did not answer it, then I decided to call back but of course it said there is no such number, any idea what is this kind of calls? Are they computer generated numbers?

    5. Laurence says:

      Vkwksksmzmjjwkkskjqmdnli/?skzk+lezoxkskdmm2esasaa p.

    6. Clement says:

      I received a similar call from a place calling themselves "State Business Development Office" and "California State Business Development Office".  I am in Vancouver (Canada)!  I didn't take down the number but the call was the same. A woman was on the other end of the line, as was a lot of background noise, and she muffled a lot of words whenever I asked for information about who they were. As if we should have been expecting a call from State Business Development Office or something (hello? Don't you know who we are?).

    7. Craig says:

      Called during dinner.  Suspect the "000" means this isn't a real number.

    8. Scot says:

      I got this call twice also.  Didn't answer so I have no clue who they are.  Does anyone know?

    9. Deshawn says:

      Tanisha Patterson called an threaten to kill me she also texted me to be Ready web she see me!

    10. Jessie says:

      Called my cell, I didn't answer, no message left.

    11. Rolando says:

      only says important call please continue to hold states name of past employee and says to press one to continue

    12. Carmen says:

      Keeps calling me when I answer they hang up I blocked them and they just changed there number again

    13. Carrol says:

      Fake government grant for $9000

    14. Gregg says:

      I recieved a text from 2526551469 it said that my 1000 best buy gift card was pending that i needed to contact them and give them my information to recieve my card and to contact them at BESTBUY10.com-when i try to find the site a whole page comes up and then i get to this

    15. Efrain says:

      This is an automated call from a veterans' thrift store for pickup of clothing or furniture. It tells you that trucks are coming to your area.