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    1. Issac says:

      6 calls in past 3 weeks.  i did answer one long enough to hear some gal say something like "CDC" before I told her I did not want any more calls. These are only the calls I counted, there were many more.  These are the calls that came after I told them to stop. We do not answer them, they do not leave a message.  Someone else said to answer & press the 2 button repeatedly & it might zap your number from their system.  I'm going to try it. After that, an air horn might work too

    2. Grady says:

      not span just my hunnie:-)

    3. Renato says:

      I get about 5 calls a day from this number. When I answered it the first few times, its just been dead air.

    4. Robbie says:

      SPAM-Called me today but I have a ring controller, once I put the number in, the phone will not ring for that number, if you are interested, check them out on the computer, there are several manufactures but read the specifications very carefully, mine is called CALLER ID WITH RING CONTROLLER, made by J.F.TECK and has 3 areas of control, with section 2 set up for 24 hour do not disturb and section 3 is continuos blocking, I can keep the phone from ringing for well over 100 numbers. The first area of control is for numbers you want to receive calls from. Mine cost about $80 two years ago. IN NO WAY AM I TRYING TO SELL THIS ITEM,LOOK AT THEM ALL, but Its a small price to pay for peace and quiet since the do not call list has almost no effect on bill collectors and this type of caller.

    5. Leonardo says:

      I have found out that these people are stealing other people's caller ID's and making these telephone calls.

    6. Will says:

      I also thought it was strange this number calls after business hours....They call and never leave a message

    7. Jasper says:

      Cheap and tired. Don't waste your time.

    8. Damon says:

      I got a call from a man who claims to be Detective Joseph Daniels. When I called back I got a recording with a young girl stating to leave name and number. So I did then he called back stating he just got off the.phone with the District Attorney in my state. My mother took over asking him what this was in reference to he would not answer the question. So she said well you want to play ball scarecrow then lets play!!! Which his only answer was a click on the line and he was gone. I appreciate the posts people are putting up about this piece of garbage because I was intimadated and would have given financial information in order to resolve something I thought would have me incarcerated. I'm a single mother with an emotionally dependant daughter that needs her mother home and if I thought I was going to be apart from her.

    9. Armando says:

      He books fake appts as a prank

    10. Samuel says:

      Farmington, MI public schools

    11. Leslie says:

      I did the same thing!!  I have tried to call for the 4 days and get a busy signal!!  I am going to have to cancel my CC also!!  How can slimballs like these people stay in business?  

    12. Cory says:

      Didn't answr. Msg said it was some mortgage info and I'm not a homeowner.

    13. Nestor says:

      Auto loans. operator has foreign accent.

    14. Malcolm says:

      Tried to sell cruise trip

    15. Toney says:

      Really confusing about it. And not polite