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    1. Augustine says:

      this is her email address all scammers using google email address to scam.

    2. Jasper says:

      why didnt this get blocked by Mr Number? def spam...

    3. Leonel says:

      I received a text message from this number regarding winning a best buy gift card, I don't even shop there. It includes an obvious spam website link, just delete it.

    4. Gregg says:

      this person call me and doing phone sex and it is very disgusting. it been more than a year he beeen calling me and bothering my  life. i cannot take it no more. i got am going to make a complain to the cops. this got to stop right now.

    5. Joaquin says:

      Keep sending me texts of a sexual nature.

    6. Thurman says:

      Total fake. You cant have court papers filed on you without a demand letter. I called Thurston and they asked for my ss number. Told them cant doo and they said have a good day. I have filed several complaints. Trying to get thier address so I can get the FBI involded

    7. Carrol says:

      These people have no rights to be doing this. I want to report them, they stole my poor mothers cash.

    8. Tristan says:

      I got a bunch of spam messages. Like, 20 30 maybe.

    9. Houston says:

      Automated BS about a job offer. They called my cell number which is highly unusual. Also I've been self employed for years so RED FLAG

    10. Maurice says:

      one text from 308/689-6203 Said "Too late to call but Wed. looks fine. What time?"

    11. Adolph says:

      Said they were calling from Sprint

    12. Amado says:

      Stellar Recovery, Incorporated

    13. Clement says:

      Hello Kaye-I've been receiving calls for the past 10 days to wks. ago.  Caller's English is worse than unrecognizable.  Said something about being with some sort of Social Security something and wanted to send me $500.00 that I don't have to send back. Bush wasn't mentioned. I told him when he called last night that I'm reporting him to the Atty.General's office if he called back.  A different guy, but with bad English called back this evening with same thing-he wouldn't shut up, so I told him if he calls again; there'll be trouble for him. I called the 632 number back, but got a consistently busy signal. The local authorities told me there's a scam going on.  I hope it's taken care of. It's become more than harrassment.

    14. Jamie says:

      I receive unwanted messages and it charges me.

    15. Bennett says:

      I got the same call. No message left