660-652 Phone Me Not

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  • 660-652-6400
  • 660-652-6401
  • 660-652-6402
  • 660-652-6403
  • 660-652-6404
  • 660-652-6405
  • 660-652-6406
  • 660-652-6407
  • 660-652-6408
  • 660-652-6409
  • 660-652-6410
  • 660-652-6411
  • 660-652-6412
  • 660-652-6413
  • 660-652-6414
  • 660-652-6415
  • 660-652-6416
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    1. Angel says:

      BEWARE escorts on Backpage. The owner of this number is a bald-headed, brown skinned black guy in his mid thirties that just robbed me at gunpoint of $200. He told me he lives in Atlanta but he works in Montgomery and Birmingham. Led me to believe that he was a dope boy. Came in and robbed me. If you see his number pop up in your phone don't answer it because he is coming to rob you!

    2. Jeffery says:

      Asian woman contacted me - asked about completing a survey for obesity and other illness (cancer, aids) and food distribution programs and health food questionnaire - and government involvement to stop this.  On the initial appearance / the questionaire appears legimate.  But @ the end of the conversation - there requesting personal information from caller to mail a check for cell phone usage:

    3. Sherman says:

      It most certainly is Hillcrest Billing Center.

    4. Roberto says:

      Just a missed call ... No voicemail or text message. How difficult is it to leave a message to indicate your intentions / inquiry?

    5. Avery says:

      Also got a response from them with ad on craigslist. When I hit reply on email address they gave and address it was mailing too didnt match. Seemed fishy too me so didnt bother.

    6. Gerald says:

      I keep getting calls from then even if I block them

    7. Kendrick says:

      Recording about being debt free.

    8. Jacques says:

      Look for a site that can find specific cell phone numbers.

    9. Samuel says:

      Someone hacking into ymax voip network and using voice changer to trick you.

    10. Albert says:

      Sales call from Spring, TX

    11. Quentin says:

      Incoming call from 1(224) 000-0009-- didn't recognize, didn't answer. No voice message.

    12. Merle says:

      This number calls me every hour. Won't leave a message. I tried calling it back with no answer. Very tired of it.

    13. Jeramy says:

      I answered the phone, the lady asked if this was "my name". I asked who was calling and she said "Asia". Then I asked who was she with and she said "World Financial". I told her she was calling a place of business then I hung up. Got another call about an hour later.

    14. Antione says:

      I received one today. After answering there was a pause and then a, "Good Buy" and a hang up was all I got.

    15. Hyman says:

      they call all the time...