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    1. Eric says:

      could this be their website?

    2. Joe says:

      National MS Societyhttp://www.nationalmssociety.org1-800-344-4867

    3. Matthew says:

      This is Richard davis, I hung b/c I don't know this person.

    4. Garfield says:

      Got a call from this number a few minutes ago, shows up on the Caller ID as "Wireless Caller".  Another prerecorded message of this being my last chance to lower my cc rates but that I need to owe at least $3000 in combined cc debt.  Also, they've supposedly sent me numerous letters stating the same... bs!  I didn't press 1 to speak with a "friendly representative" because I knew I'd get hung up on and would be wasting my breath.

    5. Jonathon says:

      These people keep threatening me saying they are gonna arrest me they have my job name and ssn some how and when I tell them to quit calling me they have a additude and hang up when I told them to stop calling the guy said my name and my work place and said the cops are there right now to arrest me I told him ok.

    6. Ian says:

      Calls nonstop from 8 am to almost 9 pm and never leaves a message!

    7. Otto says:

      this is an indian guy saying i am being sued and the cops will be at my door soon all via voicemail!

    8. Arlen says:

      They want you to send 234 dollars to India to free 7000 so funny

    9. Dick says:

      Same here. they responded to a craigs list ad

    10. Cyrus says:

      Dating site romance scammer who gave this cell phone number for his cell phone.

    11. Garth says:

      These guys started calling me today and have been doing so for about 2 hours straight. When i asked them where their offices were located they said TX...which I knew was wrong because this is a California (Central Valley) phone number. The minute I heard the accent on the first call and the guys name, Chris Brown (LMAO) I immediately knew what it was all about. I congratulated them for having all of my information correct (SSN, Employer, Address, and so on) since this didn't mean squat. They kept telling me that I need to speak to their senior officer Angela Lims and of course could not give me the name of her company or agency other than the fact that she works for Bank Office Legal Dept, whatever the heck this means. According to them I have 3 criminal charges against me (LOL...what? an unpaid parking ticket?) They should at least harrass people with realy criminal records, they may be easier to convince. These guys are idiots and these scams may scare others but their full of it.

    12. Keven says:

      Someone advertising a wireless home security system

    13. Alfonzo says:

      Left no message. I don't answer international calls ever!

    14. Fabian says:

      wrong number stop calling this phone

    15. Jeremiah says:

      its a spam telemarketer. terrible