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    1. Broderick says:

      She suddenly text me and ask me to leave her bf alone and I don't even know who she is and neither do I know who her bf is.

    2. Barney says:

      I received calls from this number and I don't recognize the number.

    3. Ali says:

      Your number has blocked from contacting Ms Cherry

    4. Art says:

      They are a solicitor inquiring about maintenance services.

    5. Victor says:

      Caller keeps texting and harassing after told to not contact me. He continues to intentionally annoy me by randomly texting me. He is a sticker type person who is seeking to intimidate and sexually harass me. He seems to be psychiopathic.

    6. Abe says:

      I received a text message that was insinuating I had previously had a sexual disscussion and even had my name correct. I have never engaged in any type of phone texting regarding sexual conversations. Most concerning because our 10 year old niece was visiting and could have easily grabbed the phone & read the message. I want to know how I can report this number & ensure this does not happen to anyone else. Obviously whomever it is does not consider what this type of message can do to a family or even if it is being read by a minor.

    7. Armand says:

      Transworld systems bill collector

    8. Harland says:

      Repeated calls from ARROWHEADALTER all week and weekends.  Nobody answers when you pick up (10 sec).

    9. Mervin says:

      The guy calling said he was with US Healthcare. He saw that I was eligible for extra benefits on my plan. Knowing that my health insurance was not with US Healthcare, I just let him talk for a minute. He said he wanted to help with any out-of-pocket expenses on my medical and dental bills. I told I had no out-of-pocket expenses, and he hung up on me. Yes, these people waste our time, but sometimes it's kind of fun wasting theirs.

    10. Justin says:

      It is Swan Energy robocall. They just keep calling and calling.

    11. Vance says:

      Lie about apple product testing

    12. Frederic says:

      This person is committing to sexual harassment

    13. Gary says:

      SPAM! I got the text message: free $1000.00 best buy gift card in their holiday's raffle go to: cashcardcontest.net

    14. Charles says:

      They keep calling me also asking for somebody else, even though I told him before its not me! Harassers!

    15. Freddie says:

      I just received this same scam call. $7000 for being a good citizen. Whatever! Same Indian guy, same # to call. He asked my date of birth. I told him "If you are with the goverment you know my date of birth." He gave me a few expressive word an hung up on me.