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    1. Raymond says:

      yes, I have actually gotten a call twice. Once a couple of years ago and just a couple of days ago.  The first time it was a Indian accent female.  She said the US government giving away money. lol We all know that doesnt happen. Anyway I played along with the women and listened to what she said. So I then asked her how was she going to get the money to me.  LOL, she said that I would give her my checking account info.  I then responded that I wasnt a idot and she was a fraud and hung up the phone.  This last call I was driving and so it came through blue tooth. Since I wasn't prepared, I just the Indian man that the US government doesnt give away money hun and he wasnt getting my checking account info. He interrupted and said yes its true.  I said no hun, the government doesnt give away money and I hung up on him.

    2. Boyd says:

      Same as others, several calls a day/week, no voice message. I don't answer calls from folks I don't know, so these people will basically never reach me! (In case anyone there is reading this and wants a pointer....) grrrr!

    3. Lemuel says:

      Woohoo, I figured out a way to stop these calls; just call 307-203-0458. It's a do not call service for a small number of companies that call consumers that want to minimize complaints and save time not calling people who don't want to be called. Just give them the caller's phone number to confirm it's on their list and the receiving phone number to add to the do not call list. It worked for the person who wrote this in their comment and for me so I'd like to pass it on.

    4. Ezequiel says:

      This is a telemarketer using scare tactics like mentioning the fbi and breakins to sell you a security system.

    5. Luciano says:

      It is midnight and this GD MF'in number is calling me! It says press one to talk to a rep and then says no one can talk to you, leave a message...Choke on your phone, seriously!

    6. Bryant says:


    7. Val says:

      Spam...offering a Walmart gift card if you sign up for "services "

    8. Anderson says:

      Spam. Listed as Scott Caldwell, call toll free number for a$100 gift certificate

    9. Demarcus says:

      Received a call from this number at 6am,..no answer very disturbing to be awaken up so early by ignorant folks.

    10. Sydney says:

      A female person called Maribeth or Maribel calls my house up to ten times a week asking to talk to my mentally disabled husband.  She refuses to tell me what the call is in reference to and when told that I have power of attorney, she asks to see it.  I have repeatedly asked that I be taken off her call list.  This is not a collection call

    11. Max says:

      Spammer, guess with holidays someone is lonely. Text message was personalized and so started with "hi ___" (with MY name in the blank). When I responded with "who is this?", I got this: ;) a.dd me on y! msngr ... sn is mariahwoman7 When I asked who it was, the response was: sry I have no reception ;( Got another one this past weekend from ashleychick49 but another # SMH

    12. Charley says:

      This is not Brenda phone my name is alajuwon bonner

    13. Stanton says:

      I received one text from this number stating that I won a Best Buy giftcard for $1000 and I needed to go online and claim my prize.

    14. Randy says:

      So I got the same message as the others

    15. Nicky says:

      Is this town named after Clark Kent?