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    1. Darrick says:

      Caller said they were from Academy Credit offering their services to repair my credit. Caller said that I had requested their help, which I hadn't. Didn't give them much time to say anymore, thanked them for the call and I hung up. Have had several calls from them all from different #'s each time it's an asian/indian sounding person.

    2. Lindsey says:

      It's Education Connection!! ... How can I block them from calling my phone?

    3. Louie says:

      got a call, did not answer. they left no message.

    4. Wesley says:

      I received 3 missed calls from this number on 7/29/13 and 7/30/13.  No message.  Anyone know who this is??

    5. Margarito says:

      I got a call from this number: (240) 206-8441 MD, USA, 2 days ago. The guy said I was selected for a govt. grant of 70,000 dollars. Yeah right. So, I called his bluff and asked him to not call me again. I could hear something in his voice as if it was being altered electronically and some background noise. I cut the call and immediately he called back and kept trying to convince me that he was the real deal but in a loud, aggressive way. He said he could prove it by giving his ID number ( oh, sure an ID number and I can trust that fraudster, ha!). He kept interrupting me and I said that if he was a real rep he would have learn't the first rule while talking to a customer, i.e, do not interrupt a customer mid conversation. I got mad after that and threatened to google this mumber and file a police complaint. Then I cut the call. Today morning I got the call from the same number but I did not pick up.

    6. Octavio says:

      said they were calling on behalf of special olympics

    7. Dominick says:

      Lower Credit card rates... press 1. I pressed one, because I don't have a credit card... and to waste their time. Connected with a live op. She asked what my combined credit balance was. Told her zero because I don't have a credit card. She hung up.

    8. Lucas says:

      Some idiot claiming to be with a law firm.Doesn't speak english well but tries to tell you that you owe money somewhere.Hilarious lol

    9. Jordon says:

      Auto loan company. Calls a few times a day from many different numbers starting with 305 area code.

    10. Booker says:

      psycho that doesnt quit calling

    11. Brant says:

      Multiethnic calls Dailey trying to sell energy plan.

    12. Freeman says:

      Tried calling back and just hangs up on you.

    13. Leslie says:

      wants me to sign up to be ranked on Google

    14. Cleveland says:

      My cell account was breached by an employement agency, and I started gettingemails from this number.

    15. Larry says:

      this company out of control..keep getting 10 calls /day from them. i wish if i can press criminal charge in this company. it,s the most annoying calls you can receives please, if you have any information about this company, please post ,i will sue them