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    1. Felipe says:

      The caller did not leave a message on my cell phone. They just called and hung up after 3 rings.

    2. Franklin says:

      All of you looking for the owner of the 201-210-5973, I Went along with their phone call long enough to get a company name and was able to look it up on the internet while I had them on the phone, here it the real info on them I called and had them take my number out of their system, if it doesnt work I have thier # now.

    3. Jed says:

      I believe what you are doing is, if not illegal, at the very least, it is reprehensible. Get a life!

    4. Maynard says:

      This number calls multiple times day and night. When asnwered - no one on the other end. An immediate attempt to call number revealed it was a "number that is no longer in service" (???)

    5. Tony says:

      why am I still getting these calls? they r suppose to be blocked!

    6. Rodrigo says:


    7. Leland says:

      The one I got was from Vector marketing about selling their line of kitchen knives, this is a scam and its not even worth answering the phone about. But if they call again, I will take a whistle and boow it into the receiver end of my phone. I did this on another telemarketer who was bugging me about home security systems and i have never received another call from him.......if I can spend $2.99 and get a laugh out of it plus cut down on telemarketers then its worth it to me

    8. Fermin says:

      Repeated calls (sometimes every few minutes). When the call was answered, they hung up or were very rude.

    9. Arnold says:

      I got a text  from that email too, I got an add on kijiji, but further reseach found out she was at sea txting from a landline in Iowa. So I text her back and told her I could drive the vehicle her son in Malasya is interested in out to sea for her to check out get paid in lobster tails and catch a dolphin back to shore. LOL...

    10. Ezekiel says:

      Blocked thanks Mr.numbers

    11. Donovan says:

      (253) 426-3705 is a bill collection agency named: Global. They had my name correct but I refused to give them the last 4 digits of my Social Security Number, but had them give me the last 4 digits of the person they were looking for. Not mine, not me, and told them so. They said they must have the wrong person and thanked me for my help.

    12. Dominique says:

      Leticia scruggs want stop harassing me.

    13. Vance says:

      I got a call from this number and no did not answer. Do you have any idea what it is?

    14. Toney says:

      Caller told my wife we could enjoy a  reduced kilowatt rate utilizing the same power hookup. It was explained that we would not experience any interruption or noticeable change in services, only a reduced rate. The connection was terrible, when my wife passed me the phone, I asked if this were a land line connection. This seemed to confuse the caller. I then asked if this were a cellphone call. The reply was; "I  don't know the computer makes the calls for me". I then asked if literature could be sent and was told  "We don't have literature". The lady then said she would have someone else call back.

    15. Heriberto says:

      After further investigation, I suspect the company is Diversifed Collection Services, Inc.