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    1. Roy says:

      I get calls from 252 615 461777 and when I answer they hang up. Or else my cell rings two or three times and they hang up. Trying to call that number back yields busy signals or some other nonsense. Evidently the call comes from Bertie County, NC but when I start down the path of paying Intelius or some other bottom feeder to track this number they wind up their offer requiring $25 or maybe more, I've never paid them. I'm going to see if I can get the FBI interested in this.

    2. Marshall says:

      Have been called about 4 times a day from this number..01606336500 when i pick up the reciever it starts a dialling tone !!! i just ignore it but they just dont give up it,s just so very annoying !!! GO AWAY !!!!!!

    3. Rory says:

      I was recnetly attacked by a W32 Blocker worm, shut down all me exe files then I got a call from nowhere form this number (209)642-4483. The person asked me if I was having problems with my computer I said Yes and how did you know ? He said they received an alert thqt I was having problems even called me on my cell phone which I have no idea how he knew that numbet. Sounded legit but I don't think it was..

    4. Tom says:

      It is a scam the police are already well aware of; didn't even need the text or number from me when told them what it was (had seen it posted on FB to call and report it if you got the text, so I did).What I would like to know, if they have had hundreds of these reports today alone, and have the telephone number... why not shut it down and arrest the people right now?What, can't give them a speeding ticket for this, so not interested?

    5. Bernardo says:

      Blue Stem committee reminding me to vote on Tuesday.....seriously??

    6. Minh says:

      You can not call them back. 209 is California...but no doubt where they are really calling from.

    7. Adalberto says:

      spam and a pain in the butt

    8. Santo says:

      Got a text message similar to cincy-delhi.  When I called back I got voicemail; an arrogant, young, male voice stated that I should call the FCC, to keep "morons like me from sending you text messages", he even announced the FCC phone number.  My cell number is on the DNC list, too.  FCC advised that text messaging is not covered by the DNC service.  They referred me to my State Attorney General, with whom I filed a complaint.  I also contacted Verizon and discontinued text messaging.   Incidentally, I got the identical text message from a different phone number, yesterday.

    9. Jamison says:

      Century 21 College, said I was searching for college information.

    10. Shawn says:

      Received a call on a Sat about 9am. It was a spanish speaking man who couldn't speak english at all. I believe they are telemarketers. Don't answer unless u like to be bothered on a sat morning.

    11. Brain says:

      foreign accented caller repeatedly asks "to whom am I speaking" has called 5 times

    12. Delbert says:

      i got scammed a cell phone from these people anyone have info on them please contact me at ka_dink3@hotmail.com

    13. Kyle says:

      they will not leave me alone. They keep telling me my husband signed up for a 5000 dollar loan online. I've gotten at least 10 calls just since this morning

    14. Ambrose says:

      I just got a call from this number, which identified as ATT. I let the answering machine pick it up. A person with a thick accent identified himself as Philipe but didn't seem to realize he was talking to an answering machine as he kept asking if I was still there. Finally mumbled something about AT&T, said to call back with questions but left no call back number then hung up.

    15. Jere says:

      its chevron looking for a payment