702-231 Phone Me Not

  • 702-231-0297
  • 702-231-0298
  • 702-231-0299
  • 702-231-0300
  • 702-231-0301
  • 702-231-0302
  • 702-231-0303
  • 702-231-0304
  • 702-231-0305
  • 702-231-0306
  • 702-231-0307
  • 702-231-0308
  • 702-231-0309
  • 702-231-0310
  • 702-231-0311
  • 702-231-0312
  • 702-231-0313
  • 702-231-0314
  • 702-231-0315
  • 702-231-0316
  • 702-231-0317
  • 702-231-0318
  • 702-231-0319
  • 702-231-0320
  • 702-231-0321
  • 702-231-0322
  • 702-231-0323

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    1. Steven says:

      Your entry last month has WON! Go to http://www.bestbuy.com.mrtj.biz and enter your Winning Code: "9776" to claim your FREE $1,000.00 Bestbuy Giftcard

    2. Francis says:

      This number showed up on my caller ID twice with no message.

    3. Manuel says:

      Please go to www.budhibbs.com and report this collection agency.

    4. Todd says:

      I just receive this called and reported it to the local police dept.  The officer said Not to Call Back and Not to Call them back on a CELL PHONE because they will get your number locked in and Track and Trace all your movement.  This makes it easier for them to break in your home and ect.... I could not believe what he just told me but I have a member of my family on the police dept. and he said Yes they can do.  Just want to pass the word on!!!

    5. Columbus says:

      playing on the phone screaming and yelling

    6. Louie says:

      This number is completely harassing me

    7. Antonio says:

      Real rude foreigner keeps calling and cursing and arguing with father a very unprofessional approach.

    8. Von says:

      Received a call from this number today at 12:15 - call disconnected as soon as I answered.

    9. Otha says:

      Last time I tried to "0" out and ask to be taken off their call list. The girl replied with "Bite me." And hung up. Ahh...good old fashioned customer service.

    10. Wes says:

      Man w/ a heavy accent called himself "Peter" and said my computer was subject to being hacked.  He wanted me to turn on my computer where he probably would ask me to allow him control of it so he could fix this  vulnerability.  No way!!!  This is the second call I've received in the last several years about this.  Don't anybody fall for this kind of crap.  These folks are out there to do no good!!!

    11. Hyman says:

      I live in a different state & received 2 texts saying I had won & never entered anything! And I am very private about my cell phone number.

    12. Eli says:

      they call everyday and night

    13. Kyle says:

      He just asked me too! What area are you in? My thought from his texts and emails is that it's a scam, that's why I ran his number.

    14. Stevie says:

      This number keeps on appearing on my phone at work and I don't know who or what they want.  They won't leave a message and on Saturday along they called 5 times.

    15. Antwan says:

      I receive daily calls from this phone number to my cell phone.  248-247-2078