702-441 Phone Me Not

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    1. Emmitt says:

      got a text message that read "wow Laurie...htttp://bit.ly/14zbc61

    2. Mitch says:

      They called me three times a day. Leave no message. I have no debt nor do I owe anyone/thing

    3. Louie says:

      I'm getting the same heavy breathing calls. I'm pretty sure that they are from a long-time sexual pervert who is a PSYCHOLOGIST, DR. JOEL ROBERT BUTLER, Ph.D.  He was a Psy. professor at UNT until fired for sex with female students and his own patients. This man is old but still a preditor (DOB 6-14-24). He has destroyed the lives of many young women including ME ! He now lives at 906 N. Shawnee Ave., Dewey, OK 74029.  BEWARE ! He visits the D/FW area often.

    4. Brett says:

      they call and no one is on the line i called verizon about this and they are tracking all my incoming calls

    5. Tomas says:

      Psychopath rapist black guy be careful ladies

    6. Guy says:

      Caller says we met on a dating site a long time ago. Says they are out of the country and need money to get home. Tells you her name is Sherry Gallivan and asks you to friend her on Facebook. Obviously a fake profile and total scam.

    7. Millard says:

      This was something about a drug that I don't take, a class action suit maybe?

    8. Lenny says:

      They call all the time. Tell them to stop

    9. Phil says:

      C/Card Solvers? Reduce your debts then charge a fee? I can do same thing!

    10. Avery says:

      You have been randomly selected for your $1000 gift card from Best Buy...

    11. Joe says:

      I don't know. This number

    12. Adam says:

      this # is a collection agency. be careful the info you give them if you don't want to be harassed

    13. Burton says:

      was a female friendwith thyroid cancer looking for a friend and didn't know she was talking to a hooker and the hooker did this

    14. Shelton says:

      I never gave WHMC my cell number and I haven't had an appointment there in months.  I think someone is spoofing this number for making their telemarketer calls in San Antonio, as it's a number people will trust.

    15. Don says: