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    1. Gerry says:

      This number keeps callingand asks for me. It is a guy and doesn't answer any quesdttion or tells me who he is. I wish he would stop calling. I am suspisious that he is going to send me something I didn't order.

    2. Harland says:

      Got it at 6:24 AM no answer just a weird fax like sound.

    3. Armand says:

      I have made it abundantly clear to these crooks that I did not order, nor do I wish to purchase, a medical alert system.  I have blocked their number so I won't have to deal with them, but they continue to call me every day.

    4. Logan says:

      Ditto received a call from the same number no message probably a scam as well.

    5. Julian says:

      just rings then goes to automated voice message says this number is not avalialbe

    6. Lino says:

      This person's kid has been calling and texting me non stop for a month looking for "joey". I finally snapped and told the kid to leave me the F alone and now they won't stop calling me either.

    7. Shayne says:

      Got the call today...wife said may I ask who is calling and they hung up.

    8. Ellsworth says:

      They said something about "civil procedures division."  They should know no phone exchange starts with 134.

    9. Malik says:

      Total spam. The fool paid money to send out useless robocalls. They also violated the law and called my number that is on the do not call list.

    10. Lucien says:

      They called today, I answered on the first ring.  The caller had a southeast asian accent (as noted by others).  The caller asked for me by name, but because I could hear the tell-tale sound of a phone bank in the background, I said he had the wrong number.  He accepted that and disconnected.

    11. Bruce says:

      I get this call a couple times a week --I do not or have anthing to do with this person --its is a fake --I have no driver licsence in that state --he is a prank caller

    12. Norberto says:

      I disn't anseer the phone..

    13. Cory says:

      I received seven texts from this number and one other one saying I had won a $100 Target gift card.  Had to respond "stop" to them so you are using your texts trying to get rid of them!!

    14. Demarcus says:

      They had the wrong number

    15. Darwin says:

      Please stop sending me messages. I dont want to get them.