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    1. Dominic says:

      Company has repeatedly harassed me with threats and phone calls and has not provided one piece of documentation showing my affiliation with this company.

    2. Gavin says:

      Got a call from 512 230 1243 on Dec 2 '13 at 11:48am.

    3. Renato says:

      Spam text on 4/21/2012, said I won a $1,000 gift card to Best Buy.

    4. Dean says:

      Got a random text from this number-- wanted me to chat on y! IM user name kylieflirt1. Texted "You don't remember me?" etc. to try to get me to log in. Weirdo. What's that about?

    5. Ethan says:

      That number is used as a fraudlent phone number for Biddeford-Saco savings bank - they are requesting you leave your account information with them.

    6. Cole says:

      Some man keep calling and can not speak english well saying that you owe money, and he say you need to call me right away or have your lawyer to call us about some bill

    7. Gustavo says:

      I get these stupid calls too! I have called back & get the same message. It is getting to be annoying!

    8. Harland says:

      Call from this number wanting our shipping manager. Told caller that he's loading trucks up until 6pm, best to leave him a voicemail. Caller refused. Name showed up on caller ID as "Angela Gaudette"

    9. Osvaldo says:

      Just called. I did not pick up and they intern did leave a message must be a scammer !!! Bullhead City Az

    10. Gregg says:

      Got the same pitch to try to sell Labor law posters.  Woman with a gravelly voice who hung up after I told her I would not pay for something I could probably get free and after I told her I was the owner of my company and didn't have employees.  Has SCAM written all over it!

    11. Truman says:

      WARNING; This number is SPAM/PHISHINGThey are a SCAM. They are fishing for your Credit Card Info and any other infor that you give the. DO NOT and repeat DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION

    12. Stephen says:

      some retarded moron that feels the need to waste people's time asking about the stupid shipping and check scam crap on Craigslist like it's something new and people still fall for his idiotic scam BS.

    13. Derick says:

      Started getting calls from this as well as other odd (outside my local area) calls shortly after I began applying for jobs online and posting my resume online with a large and popular job board. I have never answered because I don't recognize the numbers and know they are not in the area I live or the area I am applying to work in. Every number I research turns out to be spam......it's sad when you can't even job search without being attacked by spam.

    14. Alfredo says:

      yeah he did same story and i sign up at paypal im too scared phone paypal

    15. Joesph says:

      Call showed up on display. Called back and hear music briefly and hang up!