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    1. Leandro says:

      Dnt kno just sum recording about credit cards.

    2. Vernon says:

      This people is disturbing my peace. I want for them to remove my number from their "Time Share Purchesing List" but they do not take a no for an answer. They keep calling and do not give to you their company name nor a phone number.

    3. Olin says:

      fort worth star telegram, subscription

    4. Miles says:

      Kenisha Martin from Mortgage Service Center

    5. Dario says:

      Received 3 calls in the past week, everytime it was "Card Member Services" calling. This number does not coincide with the credit card I have, therefore I believe it is a scam call. Also my cell phone is never given as a number for my credit card. My cell phone number is on the do not call list with the government, but obviously that does not matter.

    6. Alphonso says:

      I had the same message as "A Web user" and "Van swalm Sophie". It says gefeliciteerd, u bent geselecteerd voor een cadeau van Apple! Breng een bezoek aan http://be.ap1.cc/?p=011(phone number) en voer 3923 inom het op te halen. But it came from the number +12089640380 i didn't try it out and also replied nothing

    7. Normand says:

      keep harrassing me will not stop calling

    8. Haywood says:

      texted at 1:47am Alberta Time..... actual test says "apply is looking for people to test and keep the new ipad3! but only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://ipad3winner.info and enter code BETA will Recieve it!" i went entered and got an error page.

    9. Virgil says:

      Call me all day long! They call every hour trying to get me to take out a loan for education!

    10. Prince says:

      this just happend to me, she said she was working on a movie set, then ordered 80.00 worth of makeup, she said she was a make up artist.  she said the art director would be paying so she couldn't pay online with a credit card. so he would send  a check for the make up. then she sent me a text messege on my phone to say he had mailed out the check.  she then said , oooops my art director sent her flight payment so just cash the check and send the balance via western union.  that very day, two envelopes came to my house and  the postman came to the door and let me know they suspected mail fraud,  so it is in the hands of the united states postal service. meanwhile I have to do a dag gone return on it.  Lesson well learned.

    11. Joe says:

      Didn't answer and they left no message, others have said it's a political survey saying you can win a cruise to the Bahamas then hands up on you, just another scam

    12. Donny says:

      He has scamed a15year old kid for a ipod something needs to be done to this grown man

    13. Ismael says:

      weird messages aking for private information

    14. Leandro says:

      i got a text messageis this for real if so i ould like to know how to be able to get this loan to consolidate my bills into one monthly payment

    15. Stefan says:

      same caller as number: 312-541-4100