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    1. Nathanael says:

      This is the 2nd call that I have gotten today.  IT comes up Tele-Europe and then the number 2-678-253-6210.  I don't answer it but they keep calling back.

    2. Tad says:

      Called at 3 am last not. Sounded suspect. Said his name was Bob and although it is a new carolina sounded like he was from new york.

    3. Jeramy says:

      called business number 11/15/12 at 12:36 pm. They did not leave msg, maybe they will leave this # in peace if you don't pick up? or maybe they jsut test if anyone picks ups and what is the best time to call, are those computer generated to get the most 3 of phone calls for scammers??? it is lunchtime after all sot hey call businesses in hope people pick up even there.

    4. Andre says:

      a text but i dont know who it is

    5. Edison says:

      Damn spammers and on do not call list

    6. Theodore says:

      company trying to sell debt consolodation

    7. Malcom says:

      Some loser lowlife who said something resembling "hey" and then was silent.

    8. Wilbert says:

      I call this number like 4 times when is my final call the lady said hello and i said who is this and the lady said who is this you called here and then i hang up.

    9. Ricardo says:

      started calling 815 am no messages left called every 20 min

    10. Dominic says:

      Now they're saying that you can save up to 50% on medical services and insurance. John had a very thick accent, got kind of desperate when I said I was at work and had to go. Hung up on him. Called my cell phone which is on a do-not-call list.

    11. Salvatore says:

      I would like to know who's number this is.

    12. Malik says:

      Spam calls Allstate insurance

    13. Guillermo says:

      what was the other number you called if you remember it.  i hung up before they gave the other number

    14. Cesar says:

      'to be removed from our list press 9'

    15. Frankie says:

      This number has called three times today alone, saying he was from microsoft. He stated that they have been receiving warnings from my computer showing I have a virus. When I said I would call them back to verify who they were, they got very hateful and almost demanded that I respond. I told hime that if he was trying to help me, he did not have to have that kind of attidude and I hung up.