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    1. Oren says:

      Texted my phone and addressed me by name....told me they saw my facebook pictures (which are marked private) and said I was really cute and to add them on skype. Tried to call the number and it said that they didn't have voice enabled. WTF??

    2. Edmund says:

      I got a call from these morons, they said my wife was in a car accident with their cousin and they were wanted by the law and she was hurt and If I wanted to see her again I had to western union money to them via Puerto Rico, well 1 I'm not married and 2 I acted like I was all scared and willing to comply and instead I drove to the local sheriff dept and when I got their I told the dump Hispanic a** hole I was at Publix and walking in to comply with his demands and instead I walked into the sheriffs depth and handed to phone to the deputy. Unfortunately there probably isn't much that can be done but at least these scamming morons got me and not someone who fell for their lame attempt at scamming someone.

    3. Rex says:

      Calls every day. Bad number when trying to call back.

    4. Ryan says:

      I just got a call from them and Googled right away.  Glad I did.  I actually had applied for a Stafford loan just the other day and suddenly I get this call.  I think it's way to odd a coincidence and suspect they hacked my info while I was applying.  My computer detected information phishing software, scary though.  When I informed them I applied for a loan not a grant she asked me to repeat and I said it again and then she said "sorry", heard hundreds of people in the background at a call center most likely underground.

    5. Junior says:

      I got all from this number several times a day. Dont leave any message. Very annoying.

    6. Timothy says:

      Consecutively called me   3 days now ,left no message on machine

    7. Lloyd says:

      We're getting calls like those described from others on this site.  I thought it was my crazy ex-wife calling from another number, but apparently that isn't the case.  My wife called it today and got an answer but no further conversation from the person on the other end.  What can be done about this type of harassment?  We are listed on the "do not call" web site but that seems to be joke.

    8. Mitch says:

      I also just got a call today from this number claiming to be from a Support Company and requesting remote access. What idiot would actually fall for this?

    9. Brent says:

      a female voice said she was doing a survey of seniors in the area and wanted to ask 6 questions - not interested in participating!!!

    10. Ian says:

      Ishmael educational.com keeps calling 9/9/13

    11. Wendell says:

      I got the same message from the same number

    12. Leif says:

      Called and hung up no one answered

    13. Danial says:

      This number belongs to Kimmel, Beach, and Fitzpatrick out of Kennebunk. They call themselves a law firm but they are really just a glorified collection agency. They will, however, sue you so if you owe them money, you might as well pay it now and save yourself the hassle of court!

    14. Saul says:

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    15. Alfonzo says:

      210-247-4165  with the ID "Texas"   just called us a bunch of times.  But, the good news is we recently transferred our telephone service over to at&t U-verse and we can now block any telephone number we want.