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    1. Arnulfo says:

      Received our call at 5:12 a.m. -- scared us thinking someone was calling with bad news. No message left either.

    2. Jarrett says:

      Called two days in a row... Didn't pick up also in van

    3. Alejandro says:

      Definitely related to Countrywide Home Loans. I've been slammed with refi offers from various companies since I initiated contact with Countrywide a month or so back.

    4. Maximo says:

      No message left. Do not know who called me.

    5. Jamie says:

      Could be a debit collector or sales call...Name of company is Performance Technologies.

    6. Jordon says:

      They call me just about every day and don't leave a message.  It's for an auto loan company.

    7. Aurelio says:

      I take it "Compliance" is from this company that is continuously calling my phone, does not leave a message on who they are even looking for.  I had one company continuously calling my phone and they finally relies I wasn't going to answer it so they had a autonomic system requesting a call back from a Tracy Barnett.  I gladly called the company back and inform them that my number has not been her number in over 8 years.  And now they have not called me since then.  

    8. Marvin says:

      it's telemarketing for magic jack

    9. Antony says:

      Got the call on Sunday afternoon and no one knew me a t this number but they asked for me by my name, had never herd of these people before in my life till now. Stop the calling.

    10. Roberto says:

      marketing research companies according to the laws are not included on the "Do Not Call" list. a real nice lady from this company called me and explain to me they are doing research to improve services in my location. if you are not happy with something voice your opinions is the only way to improve products and services.  some people like to whine and complain and not do nothing about it!

    11. Sanford says:

      I started getting numerous blocked calls after this appeared

    12. Burt says:

      Received 1 phone call. I answered, identified myself, caller said "I'm sorry" then just breathed into the phone. I said "yes?", caller hung up.

    13. Derrick says:

      Me too where is it from which country?

    14. Alva says:

      Just got a call from this number, when I said "Hello," an automated voice said, "Goodbye!" and click! When I redialed the number, I got a busy signal!

    15. Mary says:

      one miss call only this month. got one last month.