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    1. Arnulfo says:

      Received our call at 5:12 a.m. -- scared us thinking someone was calling with bad news. No message left either.

    2. Jarrett says:

      Called two days in a row... Didn't pick up also in van

    3. Jordon says:

      They call me just about every day and don't leave a message.  It's for an auto loan company.

    4. Aurelio says:

      I take it "Compliance" is from this company that is continuously calling my phone, does not leave a message on who they are even looking for.  I had one company continuously calling my phone and they finally relies I wasn't going to answer it so they had a autonomic system requesting a call back from a Tracy Barnett.  I gladly called the company back and inform them that my number has not been her number in over 8 years.  And now they have not called me since then.  

    5. Marvin says:

      it's telemarketing for magic jack

    6. Derrick says:

      Me too where is it from which country?

    7. Alva says:

      Just got a call from this number, when I said "Hello," an automated voice said, "Goodbye!" and click! When I redialed the number, I got a busy signal!

    8. Mary says:

      one miss call only this month. got one last month.

    9. Kory says:

      The caller did not leave a message and the caller ID just said "Unknown". I did not recognize the number so I did not answer. What part of the world is area code 138 for? I tried to look it up and the closest I can come is China.

    10. Mac says:

      This lady called me, asked me who I was, then asked for an Alicia. I told her that it was a wrong number, and she swore at me, asking me why I didn't tell her sooner. Then she hung up on me.

    11. Raymond says:

      Can I avoid the scam calls of this person?

    12. Ulysses says:

      They have called repeatedly for the last two weeks and don't get the hint my fiance told them i wasn't interested but they continue to call.

    13. Vincenzo says:

      Sent me a text that said, "You have been randomly selected for 2 tickets for a limited showing of the new Beatles movies! www.beatlesmovie.net/?id=hckkvpwlfl" Looks like SPAM to me, especially since it's not from my area code.

    14. Enrique says:

      Keeps calling and does not leave message. When called back they pick up and hang up.

    15. Marcel says:

      Calls and hang up has done it several times,