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    1. Blaine says:

      Is anyone else getting creepy texts from this number?

    2. Noe says:

      Yep, I just got one to my cell too

    3. George says:

      Debt collector for CASHcALL

    4. Don says:

      I got a recording saying I've reached Santana Energy and to leave my number/message and they will get back to me later . . . ?!!

    5. Gregorio says:

      keeps calling all day everyday n when u answer no one speaks

    6. Kelvin says:

      Trying to sell search engines

    7. Frankie says:

      she is constantly harassing .

    8. Weston says:

      I just have a hard time believing that anyone with caller ID would answer a call with a local number that begins with the number 1.  Everyone should know that the number 1 is never ever used for a local number, the number 1 is exclusively used to access a long distance line. But the telemarketers know that there have to be bunches of stupid people who will answer such illegal calls anyway, and probably some of these same people will fall for the telemarketer scam. So long as this continues, these bum telemarketers will continue to harass us all. I simply press talk then immediately press off to cut the connection off instantly. Try it sometime.

    9. Burl says:

      This person said he was representing Resort Management Services. He stated he had a buyer for my timeshare. After researching it online, I find out it is a scam

    10. Gary says:

      Yeah I just hung up with them.... I keep calling back & messing with them & they keep hanging up on me!!! They called me like 2months ago saying the same thing!!! JUST DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY INFO TO THEM!!

    11. Sean says:

      did anyone else get pictures of his ranch?

    12. Rodger says:

      just a short ring and then a disconnect 10am

    13. Hans says:

      Perv type call. This was followed by a bunch of the same type of calls with a private caller they forgot to block it obivously

    14. Jacques says:

      Got 3 calls yesterday and 1 today, so I just called them and asked why they were calling and the man I spoke to said he had no idea why anyone from that number would be calling me other than to possibly be checking up on the service.

    15. Andreas says:

      they call on a regular basis, never leave a message. tried to call back, get message that it is a promotional number not to be used to reconnect to customer service and use the number they give, which they didn't.