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    1. Jan says:

      Came to my business phone#. A recording stated my family had won a new home security system. I have received the same recording a couple times on my home phone number. My husband received it on his business cell phone.

    2. Reynaldo says:

      she won't stop txting me and I want this number to be blocked

    3. Herb says:

      My friend recieved a call with the same MO.

    4. Jamison says:

      Telemarketer will not stop calling.

    5. Conrad says:

      To claim you free gift call

    6. Marcellus says:

      mortgage robocall trying to sell something I don't need.

    7. Eliseo says:

      Seems we all got the same call on the same day. I got the call on 8-24-11 at 11 am est. I did not answer and they didnt leave a message. But they only called once. I think i may have been looking into the same thing the user below said about the:"Lawyer referral service. Medical birth defects due to certain prescription drugs class action lawsuit." So it seems legit, just didnt answer so I now know thanks everyone for your help. Hope this helps others too.

    8. Kory says:

      Got an unsettling phone call from 1409430005. The person had my entire address and took my mobile number and disconnected when I asked for identity.

    9. Mikel says:

      This number called but had a 6 in front of it, I believe it is from a Nigerian scam ring scamming for money. It is always a woman asking for money. And there are many voices in the background like a boiler room type operation.  I also hear different languages in the background.

    10. Bryant says:

      stalker , wierdo to the max...

    11. Deangelo says:

      They called me four times in one hour and never say anything although I can hear a bunch of people and noise in the background.  Not sure what they are up too but I am 100% sure it is a scam of some sort.  It would be great if people like this would get arrested or at least shut down.

    12. Charley says:

      I've recieved two missed calls from this number, don't know who it is

    13. Shelton says:

      I answered his call but he hung it up

    14. Hipolito says:

      stop calling me!!!! I have no money!!!!! lol!

    15. Jacob says:

      i just received a call from this number and as soon as i asked who is calling they hung up... so i am now going to call cable vision to to block this number....