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    1. Antoine says:

      Same text as Jason, sent to my cell. I did not bite.

    2. Merle says:

      Scam. They put a home rental ad on craigslist. Asked for application info and then called asking for me to send security deposit and they would send me the keys to a home I haven't even looked at yet. I hope no one falls for this.

    3. Guadalupe says:

      call about security products

    4. Jamel says:

      Kirk and Brandon saying they are a law firm and had me western union them money because they say I owe them money and they was gonna have the police come and arrest me if I don't pay them. Now they refused to pay me my money back!!! Please help me report these people and my money back please thank u.

    5. Hung says:

      answered this a couple different times and always get an automated message that said "please hang on the line, it's important that we talk to you this is not a sales call." then heard the line get picked up heard a breath and some rustling and then got a busy signal. calls at least 3 times a day. sometimes the caller id says CC LLC and sometimes it comes up as unknown caller

    6. Derick says:

      yes trying to get personal info solictation call

    7. Domingo says:

      Dont know how she gets numbers but she keeps calling over and over again

    8. Robin says:

      Calls are very annoying. Calls received two or three times a day. Seems like everyday, for a month or more; I just don't keep tally. I don't answer the phone when this number is displayed on my Caller ID.

    9. Rhett says:

      They call multiple times a day and say nothing. Get a life!

    10. Elisha says:

      wont stop calling. and making bad comment on my machine

    11. Ramon says:

      idk who it is and prefer not to repeat what was said

    12. Armand says:

      same guys! I couldn't even say hello coz I didn't check the screen and I answered in spanish... the caller hung up. I am gonna take the GMAT 1st March and I applied to US Universities.....

    13. Ahmad says:

      This person keeps botherin me

    14. Ollie says:

      didn't answer,won't stop calling

    15. Omar says:

      got call today,I had won a 50,000.00 home shopping spree.I told them that I lived in an RV.They said,"well you could buy appliances with the prize".Another typical SCAM!