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    1. Antoine says:

      Same text as Jason, sent to my cell. I did not bite.

    2. Jamel says:

      Kirk and Brandon saying they are a law firm and had me western union them money because they say I owe them money and they was gonna have the police come and arrest me if I don't pay them. Now they refused to pay me my money back!!! Please help me report these people and my money back please thank u.

    3. Hung says:

      answered this a couple different times and always get an automated message that said "please hang on the line, it's important that we talk to you this is not a sales call." then heard the line get picked up heard a breath and some rustling and then got a busy signal. calls at least 3 times a day. sometimes the caller id says CC LLC and sometimes it comes up as unknown caller

    4. Armand says:

      same guys! I couldn't even say hello coz I didn't check the screen and I answered in spanish... the caller hung up. I am gonna take the GMAT 1st March and I applied to US Universities.....

    5. Ahmad says:

      This person keeps botherin me

    6. Ollie says:

      didn't answer,won't stop calling

    7. Omar says:

      got call today,I had won a 50,000.00 home shopping spree.I told them that I lived in an RV.They said,"well you could buy appliances with the prize".Another typical SCAM!

    8. Kendrick says:

      I got a call from (314) 210-5613 at 3 am this morning from a male with an Indian/ Middle Eastern accent saying he was from AT&T and asking for Todd Wilde? I told him he had the wrong number and that my provider isn't even though AT&T. At first he tried to argue with me saying he didn't have a wrong number, but quickly changed his attitude and apologized and we hung up. Obviously some kind of weird scam because no real company calls their customers at 3 am. Sounded like he was looking for money.

    9. Patrick says:

      I got a phone message to call them and got a spiel to donate money to the Fraternal Order of Police. After I hung up I called the Bowling Green Police Department who confirmed that they are, in fact, a legit organization.

    10. Tyson says:

      OMG that is the funniest thing I have ever read while looking up a scammer phone number!

    11. Mckinley says:

      Random text, "I love you." and "Be mine babe."

    12. Deshawn says:

      SMS: "Hey! Can you have some kids put the library back in order before the end of the day?"

    13. Rolando says:

      blind and abusive call from 8442350031 UK no.

    14. Miles says:

      Profanity looking for my address and name

    15. Hayden says:

      This number has been messaging the past 2 days regarding nanny service. There is no registered name, different part of country and no such job title either. Our numbers are completely unlisted on any website and even our bills do not have our numbers.