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    1. Paris says:

      Caller left no message.  Just another telemarketer.

    2. Francisco says:

      Ok I was left a message on my cell phone saying I needed to call mark mark Robinson back threating me with being arrested. I got scared and called back they wanted me to pay some thing to day when I called and spoke to him I told him that I had know money he asked if I was around a fax and I said no that Friday when I go to work I will be he told me to call back Friday. I'm scared I have three kids. He told me that I was in the negtive 500.00 something I told him that can't be cause I have a letter from my bank that I was only 77 in the negtive even when I got off the phone with him I called my bank and checked and it said the same thing as it did when I called on 8-5-11. I did get a small loan for 300 dollars and they already took 60 out the loan I sign for online was for a personal where they only take out 60 once a month when I called before they even told me what they were calling me for they said I was going to be arrested Thursday today was Tuesday I didn't get a email or like any real lawyer a letter in the mail what do I do thank u for any help.

    3. Lee says:

      THis phone number keeps calling our number. Never says anything, hangs up . Please make them stop

    4. Brock says:

      Asking for someone I don't know on a new line, probably a bill collector

    5. Clifton says:

      Artscapes, LLC141 Jefferson St S Huntsville, AL 358012567760497http://www.artscapes.biz/1404.html http://www.stonemakers.net

    6. Todd says:

      dnt want nun to do with dis hoe or dis numba

    7. Darrin says:

      Continue too call for the wrong damn person

    8. Matt says:

      This is a West Virginia area code. And the tracker says she's close to Charleston, let's go get her!!!!!!

    9. Donnell says:

      i've been getting calls from this # with a lady threating me.

    10. Peter says:

      Trying to get money from u for a job

    11. Deshawn says:

      Calls house and cell phone at same time, no answer, caller id stated "S R"

    12. Albert says:

      Some sort of Dedt collector.They use tracfones now so an 800 # doesn't show up on your caller ID.Nice try.It is NOT Sprint.Those comments were put on here by them.

    13. Theo says:

      a friend got scammed by someone using this number and we trying to trace the owner

    14. Porter says:

      Automated sales call about car insurance.

    15. Demetrius says:

      An offer for an all inclusive payed vacation