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    1. Benny says:

      Ummm idk man don't know em

    2. Christoper says:

      Are you still at work? Could u get me a burbon chicken & noodles also, please&thal

    3. Landon says:

      Calls 3x day for a "personal message" for "Daniel Barrencourt"

    4. Cameron says:

      The only thing urgent about this is to urgently delete it, unless you want to be in a lot of pain if you call and follow the scamsters instructions and get your identity stolen.

    5. Alberto says:

      Trying to give away free home improvements

    6. Elijah says:

      Call me 3-5 times EVERY single day and NEVER leave a message!

    7. Raymond says:

      Received one call with no answer and no voice mail.

    8. Ward says:

      You don't get charged any more than regular minutes on your cell.  LD charges don't apply if you don't make the call.

    9. Jed says:

      Received the following unsolicited text message: "Your entry last month has WON! Go to http://www.target.com.tthj.biz/?claimid=111 and enter your Winning Code: "6655" to claim your FREE $500 Target Giftcard!"

    10. Dale says:

      Got a call from these jokers today. They would barely give me the info on the "client" they represented. Stated they were trying to help me keep this from being filed for suit. I told them to send me a letter because I didn't recognize their "client".

    11. Jonah says:

      Nathan Brown I tell him tI don't want him texting my phone but he still does

    12. Lee says:

      Well watch out they are now calling Australia. My wife got a call this morning on her mobile.

    13. Leonel says:

      I agree i picked up and i heard some background sound and then they hung up on me!!!

    14. Bennie says:

      Sweetwater Sound isn't spam.

    15. Lucius says:

      The call is from Compu Credit collections.  They work for Aspire Visa, Salute Visa among others.  They will not leave a message but will continue calling until they reach the intended party.  Unless you're certain you don't owe anything, you should just deal with them.  I've dealt with 3 different customer service representatives there and they have always been polite and non-threatening.  If you can't pay them, they are willing to work with you.  I owe $850.00 and my minimum payment is usually $85.00 -- this month I can't pay this much, so they're allowing me to pay $22.00.  Don't ignore them, it only gets worse and eventually reported to a credit bureau.  Also, if it's legitimate they MUST send you something in writing.