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    1. Adan says:

      annoying telemarketer.  WON'T STOP!!!!

    2. Chad says:

      Got a call from some foreign speaking dipstick said ( I think) I'd won $5 million.  hung up on him and he called back within a minute.  I didn't answer.  How can these people be stopped?

    3. Weston says:

      This person keeps calling, at least 10 times a week, I don't know who it is but have reported it to trace. They say to press any number, then I'm disconnected.  If I call back the number it doesn't go anywhere or to anyone. If you also would like to do this when you get nusance callers, just press *57, wait for the message, and hang up.  The phone company will put a trace and file a complaint. However, these people do use many different numbers, and will most likely will continue calling until all numbers are blocked. The other thing you can do is block the calls, but first check to see if it is free.  Lastly, you can call the Operator and file a complaint that way.

    4. Fermin says:

      This number called me and when I answered they never said anything after about 30 second they hang up and call right back

    5. Antony says:

      Oliver adjustment company. Debt collector in kenosha wi.

    6. Reginald says:

      yes, this number showing up to my boy friend phone everyday...he said he doesnt have no idea...im wonder how he is not know thats his cell...but who?? and what they want???

    7. Jospeh says:

      Auto insurance, just call the number back and ask to be put on the do not call list

    8. Orville says:

      They said i was entered into a sweepstake by my creedit or 'debit card. then started to ask several personal questions. I always unsubscribe from my companies soliciting my information so all of the companies i do business with will be gettign a call from me tonight!

    9. Milan says:

      I got a call from this number about a electronic loan transfer .They said they deposited money into my account and i need to pay it back .They said i had charges on my and i had to go to court in california the next day.They said they were from first state attorneys office.they said they were going to send a court apperence paper to my work and home .i never got a loan no money was put into my account .I never got got a court apperence ,and did not here from them again.

    10. Augustus says:

      Don't pick up unknown numbers. Feb 9/12 phone rang about 6 times and went in to my VM,no message left. Number was 161-256-2589. Bell Canada will not accept this number when you use there call blocking service.

    11. Corey says:

      Trying to sell diabetic supplies.

    12. Douglas says:

      Nothing. Most of the time just say they r telephone marketing. Or just hang up

    13. Lane says:

      don't know this person and want them to stop calling me.

    14. Cameron says:

      Block all Emails,Calls,Voicemails,text!!!!

    15. Erasmo says:

      Same here. I received a call about 5 minutes ago. Male on the other end speaking slowly and stating "i want you" like others before me. Live in HNL.