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    1. Alphonse says:

      312-638-0648 is the CallerID/ANI that is announced by some of MaxEmail's outbound fax servers. We operate an Internet fax service and if you are receiving a call from that number, it's probably because one of our clients mistakenly has your number on their outbound fax contact list.

    2. Arnoldo says:

      This number just called me also and I did not answer it and glad I didn't because I had a computer scam call like this one last Fall. Beware of these scammers!!!

    3. Brendon says:

      They called about 3 times now and do not leave any messages. I don't answer numbers I don't know. I'm assuming it's a debt collector or telemarketer.

    4. Dominique says:

      This person is using this phone to text me. The person is threatening and harassing me. It is a scam. The police officer said to not respond. I did file a report. also 801-896-4499. James Levi Temple is the person in question. Visit him any time. His home address 106 Harrell St, Elizabeth City NC 27909 He is a 43also 252-564-2780, 801-252-6642, 252-632-0335, 252-564-422.

    5. Lesley says:

      Said they weed H&R Block checking on issue w/credit card. Wanted cc number and exp date.

    6. Devon says:

      Yes, exactly few minutes ago I received a phone call from this number, 333.349.1280, and pretending to be a relative of mine, this male person tried to get some information about my real family and ask for names.

    7. Jesus says:

      Getting the same recorded call about lowering my credit card rates, they're coming from different numbers so I've started filing complaints each time I get one. Go to donotcall.gov and file a complaint because they're not allowed to make recorded calls whether or not you're on the registry.

    8. Terrell says:

      Just got a call from a family member of someone that apparently is trying to call us from Wal-Mart so apparently this is a number linked to Wal-Mart pay phones?????

    9. Justin says:

      what is this? this person called me twice and when i call back, it says it's non working number.

    10. Jean says:

      Called my number twice today, did not leave a message but did hear some background noise.  Once they used a block on caller ID

    11. Donny says:

      got call, nobody spoke, echoed my voice... called back, ringing with no answer or VM...

    12. Dallas says:

      they called 4times in five minutes!!!

    13. Rey says:

      Harrasing, he wont stop calling!

    14. Arlen says:

      Calling Me Every Day!!! Don't Know How To Stop This Madness!

    15. Gus says:

      Called for some online college classes and then tried to sell something to do with a mortgage.