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    1. Diego says:

      I had 2 back to back calls from this number this afternoon while at work. I do not anybody in the Chicago area.

    2. Eloy says:

      résumé bucket

    3. Davis says:

      I see 49 spam reports so I guess it is spam?

    4. Herb says:

      This was a man and he called the same day as the woman who just said hello..then hung up. I didnt answer when the call came through but when I returned the call he said he had no idea what I was talking about when I told him I got his number off my caller id and am returning the call I just got. Instead of trying to figure this out how this miracle could have happened, he said he had no idea what i was talking about.

    5. Noe says:

      Came home to message from ADAM JONES(347-926-7029) on my answering machine. He left 2 messages. Then he called back at 6pm and I answered this one. Scum sucking parasite starting cursing at me when I demanded to know who he was, who he worked for, etc. I can't wait to start calling him back today to give him a dose of his own medicine.

    6. Irwin says:

      same no above, very scary

    7. Mikel says:

      Got 7 text stating msc.dep@mscdep.com / Msc-dep / MSC-DEP. Call us now + 1-253-785-0545. This is annoying from 7:18 to 7:38 est. Don't know who this is but the FCC needs to regulate this.

    8. Clark says:

      WOW , I got the same type of call recently. And apparently this person did used to have my number because of all the calls I still get for him. Anyway I have hung up every time hoping that would stop the calls but it hasnt stopped unfortunately

    9. Amado says:

      me too....my area code is 512 and the texts say to call area code 727-216-2029

    10. Alden says:

      Mee too, I received this call today after an Ikea delivery

    11. Bobby says:

      I,   was   called   and    said   i   won   $10,000.00 dollars  but   i  never  recived   it whats  up   with.   this     is   it   a   jock, or   what  my   phone   number   is    843-575-0247

    12. Samual says:

      this is a company that presents themselves as Google but is not. The are only a very aggressive SEO campany.

    13. Lesley says:

      This # kept calling and when you called back they won't answer to you then they hang up.

    14. Darron says:

      Keeps calling and saying nothing.

    15. Merrill says:

      Stupid, has brain disorder!