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    1. Stacy says:

      Verizon yellowpages delivery confirmation recording. Didn't ask for the call or the book.

    2. Bruno says:

      The told me they were a Law Office and I was involved in a "criminal lawsuit." When I finally got to the nitty gritty of it, apparently it was about some supposedly bill collector account of mine from the past that was "lost and/or stolen" that they had. When I asked for proof, they hung up. Tried to call back and they made some excuse that I was not the person they wanted and then hung up on me again. My suggestion when they try this scare tactic again, ask for the proof to be sent to you and see what happens. Then tell them you are recording them and that you will let your attorney know about their tactics to collect on a debt that was "written off." If anyone can get the company's name, please post so I can let my attorney know.

    3. Hollis says:

      This is a scam and it is from outside the country. The number is in Washington State. You must have applied for an online loan recently or something similar. Go buy an Air Horn, and when he calls back blast his eardrums.

    4. Malcolm says:

      Ursula Wilson. Fat. Nasty. Stank. Burned 4head. Crackhead old husband Norman.

    5. Martin says:

      He is crazy won't stop textin can barely speak English right

    6. Lonny says:

      This airport Limo Service called me up to inform me that they were able to pick up our VIP guest and took them to the hotel as we have requested. Outstanding Service. Here is their information

    7. Scotty says:

      It was a text about mortgage refinancing.

    8. Lazaro says:

      Called my home phone. When I picked up it sounded like I was making a call. I let it "ring" a few times and hung up.

    9. Raymond says:

      Received text about $1000 Walmart gift card

    10. Gregg says:

      Called many many times left no message!!

    11. Ivory says:

      thank you - we just got the call today. this post confirmed that it was a scam.

    12. Jules says:

      Fick ett samtal från det numret och när jag svarade så la personen på luren. Det är något lurt på gång.

    13. Elliot says:

      phone says CDW Computer CE. Any idea who it is?

    14. Kristopher says:

      This number cannot be completed as dialed. Is the reponse given when this number is dialed.

    15. Joel says:

      Mortgage credit marketing.