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    1. Ted says:

      I got the phone call as well this morning at 8:39am. Did not pick up, however when I called back the number on 2 different cell phones it just "dropped out"! Then I called the number from my home phone, which is in a different area code than the 206 in Seattle, and it asked me to dial a "1" before the call! Seattle is not even a long distance call from my home!  I'm on the Verizon network for my cell. Can anyone say, "kill switch"?

    2. Clint says:

      Ihid not m ow who this is. I recevied this text: "Do you need up to $1,600 today? It's secure and takes only minutes at www.quickhelpfunds.com - Respond 'STOP' to be removed from alerts"This spam

    3. Merle says:

      Harrassment!! Excessive vulgur and threatening text messages, try to call number back says mail box is full.

    4. Mitchell says:

      Robo call to lower your mortgage payments. Corp Trust Co is located at 1209 Orange St, Wilmington, DE 19801. Also known as CT Corp Systems800-624-0909, 302-658-7582, fax 302-655-5049 www.ctadvantage.comI would love to have everyone their robo caller called call the Corp Trust switchboard & give them a taste of the same treatment ....

    5. Amos says:


    6. Clarence says:

      allways asking for montalbo it is a p i a

    7. Laverne says:


    8. Earnest says:

      This came in on my unlisted line.  Caller addressed me by my first name and said he was from American Home Veterans.  I could hear the babble of a boiler-room operation in the background.  I told him I wasn't interested and hung up.  Can't find anything about them online, except for a registration of americanhomeveterans.com, but there's no website.

    9. Minh says:

      Calls constantly , sometimes 3-5 times a day ..

    10. Weldon says:

      sorry the number you are trying to reach has a call block on you

    11. Noel says:

      Didn't pick up as Mr Number app said it was spam. Download Mr Number app to your phone so you can report & block these bozos!

    12. Edmund says:

      Got call from this number at 6pm-25th sept.would like to know the caller

    13. Alvin says:

      I got a call from these same folks yesterday.  They are soliciting funds for the troopers.  Probably 50% of any donation goes to the telemarketing company.  If you're interested in making any contributions I would contact the organization directly.  Why give 1/2 your money to a telemarketer?

    14. Sid says:

      Marlee or Marlene, just says "need a call back"

    15. Roderick says:

      This guy just won't stop.  He called on Sunday 2/24 telling me that he received from name from the Health Dept stating that I had used birth control pills in the last 10 years.  When I told him "no", he questioned my intelligence.