713-610 Phone Me Not

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  • 713-610-2252
  • 713-610-2253
  • 713-610-2254
  • 713-610-2255
  • 713-610-2256
  • 713-610-2257
  • 713-610-2258
  • 713-610-2259
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    1. Herman says:

      I am spanic this people call in Spanish and say

    2. Cyril says:

      They call every day. Unrelenting

    3. Brain says:

      Text saying Bank of America call 310-929-4560 Scam, I do not have an account with BoA

    4. Benito says:

      We were called 3 times from an automated service claiming to be a credit protection co. The computer knew our name and bank and wanted us to enter more personal info.

    5. Chet says:

      They called me 6 times from 209-243-0104 and then 2 times from 0000. He said has name was Shawn Marshall but he was indian. They said I had to confirm my ss# or I was going to regret it and good luck with the things are gonna happen to me. The said it I dont call them back I will go to jail. I called them back and I got an answer machine. They left me 2 threatening messages saying the same thing and if i dont call them back to have a good life. He never would tell me the name of the company. He wanted me to send money ASAP. Don't fall for this it is a SCAM that has started a few days ago please don't fall for it.

    6. Harrison says:

      Keeps calling asking for someone I don't know!!!

    7. Fredrick says:

      This is just a beeping sound, no one says anything. They've called 11 times today.

    8. Kristopher says:

      218-325-4429 calls about medical for senior citizens.  when i call the number back, it says the mailbox is full.  would love to find out who / what this is so i can harass them back.

    9. Sylvester says:

      My family was selected for home security,

    10. Cornell says:

      trying to sell you something. spam.

    11. Karl says:

      A machine telling me I had an appointment but couldn't tell me who it was with and left me clueless

    12. Sidney says:

      spam or scam! either way just block it.

    13. Reid says:

      This 052 number keeps calling me.  No one answers when I pick up.  Area code 202 indicates Dallas Fort-Worth area.  052 is also followed by another number in addition to the 8899 ending.  One more telemarketer to deal with.

    14. Chi says:

      I just got a phone call from them. Did not answer it but it left a 4 second voice mail. Played the voice mail and either nobody there or the message was shorter than that.

    15. Lowell says:

      same thing is happening to me...this number calls all the time...the name pops up as Donna Mealman.....