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    1. Sylvester says:

      Got a call saying they we're a leagal officer of the law I said I was recording the call and they needed to contact me in writing. I hung up and they called back 7 timed. I have repeatly gotten calls on my phone from this number

    2. Matt says:

      GHI appeared on caller ID; I let my answering machine start; MALE caller started with 'Hello...Mr.......Hello...' before he figured out female voice saying leave a message meant it.

    3. Ali says:

      Man claims legal case filed against my social security number, bank acct, and license number. I've had this type of scam call before! I ignore them...eventually they'll get the picture! You won't be getting my money!

    4. Rolando says:

      i just got a call at 9:41, i answered but it was on my desk i was in class, so i didnt hear anything.. called back just a few minutes ago, says it's disconnected or something.

    5. Graham says:

      Law Office bill collection agency.

    6. Agustin says:

      At least once a week, a different person calls my phone number and says that they are returning my multiple phone calls.

    7. Heriberto says:

      contractor - Problem caller

    8. Russell says:

      Called me a bunch of times. Do not know how he/ she got my number.

    9. Solomon says:

      This is a scam. They try to get you to install a program called TeamViewR to remotely access your computer. Once they have access, they can lock you out and have access to all of your documents. DO NOT give these people any information. Don't reply, or if you're feeling a bit evil, spam them and see if they like it.

    10. Luther says:

      This number called my business but hangs up when I pick up the phone.

    11. Rhett says:

      yah these loser keep calling me say nothing and then hang up. i call back and it sound like they hang up on me then i called soooo many times i got a busy signal. some busniess

    12. Jules says:

      received three or four calls, did not answer since I did not know the number. please stop calling, left no message

    13. Adam says:

      Wanted to sell bogus health insurance.

    14. Kristopher says:

      Collection agency named RPM. Very annoying and persistent with calls. Call constantly a few times a day and even on the weekend.

    15. Tyson says:

      Annoying call on top of call. Said I was lying nd that I was Robin Smith. Uhh no.