714-246 Phone Me Not

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    1. Harley says:

      Different phone # but with same caller as : V4032211550026. There are many different phone # with this same Caller: V4032211550026.......Something is fishy here.

    2. Alfonzo says:

      Bail Bonds Amador offers Bail Bond Service in Amador City, CA 95685, 209 123 4567

    3. Devon says:

      Received a call from 210-280-8072, I called the number back and it asked me to leave my card number.

    4. Tanner says:

      Received a call from this number, am on the do not call list, nobody there

    5. Luigi says:

      i had a call from this number and had no idea who is this...

    6. Dwain says:

      Call barely lasts 5 seconds. I tried to reverse looking it up but had no luck. Could be spam or telemarketers. But how did they find my phone#?

    7. Garry says:

      I aswer an I didt say aythng a they jus hung up

    8. Avery says:

      hung up on me after 3 seconds. No words.

    9. Milton says:

      I answer the call but they never respond. They just hang up.I haven't tried calling back, but if they call one more time today, I'm going to complain about harassment.This is a new phone and I don't have any debt so for a bill collector to be calling me repeatedly, day after day, is extremely disrupting.

    10. Julian says:

      She called me from 4 different time from 4 different number, and want to fix in my computer  my window

    11. Berry says:

      Called on home phone.  Caller ID was Stacy Black.

    12. Marvin says:

      LulzSec is a id used by the United States Govt. to gather information on those wishing to attempt cyber crimes. This is a "bait car" style opperation. Persons visiting the purportedly "home" of LulzSec are infected by a Boot Sector Trojan similar to the one used by Sony Music in the past. You have been warned. Anon.

    13. Wendell says:

      Spam text about phone minutes

    14. Lester says:

      Just found this in my Voice.Google.com spam folder lol. I never even knew these scammers were trying to spam me. Thanks Google! ^_^

    15. Fredric says:

      im sorry about hearing that ur daughter got harassing messages from this person. i got those n they are very hurtfull. it made me think of who would do this to me from the people that know be. but i guess its just a hokes. its weird cuz they knew my name. n it gets even more personal.. i did reply to that person telling them to leave me alone.. he said his name was adrean... i had to change my # i had enough...