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    1. Harley says:

      they  sarted  2008  get  the  fact  straight

    2. Minh says:

      I started receiving calls from this number yesterday at my workplace. and today as well. it's an foreign voice i don't even give them the time of day, i don't pick up.

    3. Joseph says:

      ARGH! This number has been calling almost everyday now. Says "unknown." What gives?

    4. Buster says:

      Stated they were investigators and the data was time sensative.

    5. Mary says:

      Got 3 calls from this number "Southern Prog" in the last couple of days.  I don't answer but they leave no message.  I am in Texas.

    6. Dewey says:

      Last time stalking was October 16th!! Let's pray it's over!! If not there are still charges pending!

    7. Willian says:

      Calls my cell every morning at 7:30 Central. I don't answer because I'm at work, and I live in TX now... so I don't know who it could be. They don't leave a message. It shows up as unlisted when I do a peoplesmart report on it.

    8. Vince says:

      They keep calling our company claiming they are calling from the Georgia Buiness Development; asking if we plan to relocate, etc.  Same story as the complaints above.  She eventually hung up on me when I told her I was not answering her questions.  I tried to call the # back to ask them to put on us on the "do not call list", but the call will not go through.

    9. Dave says:

      called back and message said it was disconnected

    10. Orville says:

      I have recvd about one call every mounth for 6 mounths and have ask them to stop calling every time. Who do I tell?

    11. Robbie says:

      I received a call just like everyone elsei i urge everyone to call federal trade commision@1-877-382-4357. i also get the same calls fro phone number011052480189,same scam...have already reported both but they continue to call.....

    12. Perry says:

      Automated call. WCA Services/Medical. Calling about survey of some sort. Allowed me to remove my number by pression '3'.

    13. Earl says:

      Stop callin me i dont kno who u r dang nd if u calll again im go cuss u out

    14. Randy says:

      They are tele marketing fraudsters

    15. Arlie says:

      Automated caller. You have been selected to receive 2,600 travel dollars blah, blah, blah...