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    1. Hai says:

      They keep texting inappropiate things and I do not know who it is

    2. Lowell says:

      It is a security company wanting to install a system in your house

    3. Bradley says:

      Have called my home several times. No message, just keep calling. Marketing Research firms should be included in National "Do Not Call" list. I have a right to have a phone and not be bothered by people who want to mind my business. Telemarketing, research, political canvassing, and fund raising should be "opt in" not "opt out".

    4. Neville says:

      Received a call from this number.  When I answered it they hung up.

    5. Norbert says:

      T-Mobile Store on Larimer Street in Denver

    6. Barry says:

      I got a call with the British woman calling... she went into the sales pitch and I let her go she then asked how I was doing and I stated that I was fine, she then stated

    7. Dennis says:

      some allow this to cone the call or vvoucemail

    8. Norris says:

      Selling security systems by phone.

    9. Drew says:

      Calls, screams for "Gerri!", and when I tell them that Gerri isn't there, they scream for "Gerri" again.

    10. Dalton says:

      i dont know who it was, but strange numbers have been calling me all week. i never answer. does anyone know how to make it stop?!

    11. Arnold says:

      i recieved a text from 13155158680 saying i won a 1,00 dollar gift card to Wal Mart. use approval code: Giveme. has anyone ever gotten this?

    12. Patrick says:

      i got a call from a friend in jail, i'm guessing this number is from a county jail somewhere in the florida keys.

    13. Jonah says:

      Me too!  I cna't find anything about blocking these spam messages.  have you found a solution?

    14. Alva says:

      get several call a week, since I don't know ANYONE in NC I let the machine get but NOONE leaves a message to me thats harassment !!!!

    15. Buster says:

      i received a call on my mobile phone, from this number. It rang once and hung up. I called back and it was an automated female voice claiming that i had visited their affiliate website and had won a gift card or something. I hung up.