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    1. Denis says:

      Possibly someone, relative?, used you as a co-signer or other reference and so now you are getting calls because they haven't paid their loan.

    2. Murray says:

      I need these numbers to stop calling, how do i stop it?

    3. Reid says:

      Claiming to be from a law firm

    4. Alex says:

      **** IDENTITY THEFT ALERT **** According to the FCC (I called to complain) this is a well known SCAM. These folks are trying to steal Identity. If you talk to them and don't give them what they need to steal your ID they just hang up.**** IDENTITY THEFT ALERT ****

    5. Garfield says:

      the same thing happen to me , when i called back went to a dial tone!! they change there numbers all the time & we told them to stop , and they don't !! what can we do about these calls it's ashame that people like that don't have better things to do in there life to keep bugging people that don't want there crap!!

    6. Alexander says:

      Offering collection services to our medical practice - said name was Paul Miller with PCR Associates but caller ID did not match 800 number left on message, and left voice mail late at night so probably a scam. fyi fake collection agencies try to get patient DOB, SSNs for "collections"

    7. Mervin says:

      wow! is it me? or is there always a person like this in every forum?? sheesh!! please educate us all!!! thanks!!

    8. Jules says:

      we are not a scame  but yes if u think that we are a scame then try not paying us. you will be seen your self in orange dress with black bride grooms. THENK YOU.

    9. Alvin says:

      I received a text at 10:15 pm December 24, from 302-229-4349,http:/www.smscaster.com, telling me that I had been chosen to test and keep the iphone 4s for free with free shipping, offer valid for 24 hours...

    10. Wilber says:

      the also call at ridiculous hours of the morning

    11. Claud says:

      I hope these jerkoffs die painfully. Im over this.

    12. Jonathon says:

      Complimentary concierge service? Huh? I am 55 & not interested! A class in horror makeup? Ok! Sign me up!!

    13. Kraig says:

      You are filthy spammers, and you think posting your filthy spam on here will get you more business ... the people running your company must be pretty stupid.

    14. Chauncey says:

      Who r these people a usa company in maine?

    15. Isiah says:

      Rec'd the call today at work on my cell phone. Indian accent (like off shore support people LOL). I couldn't understand him and said, I'm at work what do you want...then he starts saying the same thing over, about problems with my computer and I just simply said "You're full of crap." and hung up. How do we stop this stuff. Not everyone is going to catch on to what he is up to. I hope they catch him and slap him with a huge fine.