717-351 Phone Me Not

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    1. Edmond says:

      mr Culpper, sorry if someone misidentified you.  However, i have the time to waste and will pursue to the extent of my abilities.

    2. Rod says:

      Wanted me to call them on my break or they would have law enforcement to pick me up

    3. Elbert says:

      Will do thank you. They kind of spooked me. LOL

    4. Gaylord says:

      I did NOT pick up.  Whoever it was, did not leave a message.

    5. Preston says:

      I got one call at 12:27PM central time. It was in Spanish. I tried to call back, but got the number is no longer in service.

    6. Clemente says:

      This number has called me for over 8 months and this is a new number. Everytime I call it back, they never answer or it sounds like fax machine. Very annoying and not sure how to stop number from calling me.

    7. Dallas says:


    8. Lionel says:

      This number belongs to some dumb assess who are in jail! They pass the phone around

    9. Willian says:

      Called 3 times back to back then hung up when i finally answered the call. No msgs were left in my vm.

    10. Rico says:

      Lower your credit card bill.

    11. Curtis says:

      Fundraising for Teamsters

    12. Tory says:

      When I answer, he hang up.

    13. Shayne says:

      UGH! Spam robot for sales jobs

    14. Dominic says:

      these idiots are trying to stick me with paying an old bill that has already been paid years ago!!!  too bad i didn't keep the 'paid in full' receipt from 5 years ago.  i have no way to prove it's paid after that long, and that's what they're counting on!!!  it's my word against theirs.  they even offered me a 'special deal' to pay them part of it so they will never call me again.  i'm not going to pay them a dime!  that bill was paid off in full years ago!!!  it's blackmail!!!

    15. Jermaine says:

      Something about magazine subscriptions for 4.99/week. Also chance to win all sorts of bogus vacation spots. These people call me once a week from different number and I only answer because it's my area code. Also asks you for your credit card info.