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    1. Patrick says:

      Said I'd be FedEx'd an I-pad. Wanted a 60 month mag sub. for 5 mags. at about $4 a week each.

    2. Jospeh says:

      No answer. Leaves no msgs

    3. Faustino says:

      i want to know who text my cell phone,

    4. Luciano says:

      Called me 3 times today and I never picked up. Looked up number on google and it said it was spam

    5. Vern says:

      I also got a message from this person wanting to order Mary Kay.  Second time in the last month I have received a scam like this.

    6. Edmond says:

      This number keeps calling me and calling me then they hang up every time I answer. When I call back it says they're unavailable.

    7. Neville says:

      Told me they could help me manage my credit cards. I don't have any credit cards. Spam.

    8. Gail says:

      Something like shushi dugle...wanted me 2 test an iphone5 and get it free

    9. Josiah says:

      I received many calls from this number. The first time they told me that some one was able to get in to my computer and has all my information stored on it. They asked me to send them $500, to fix the problem. I told them that I would call them the next day. At 9 AM the next morning they called m,e. When I told them that my computer was fine, they insisted that my computer had been compromised, and they are willing to fix it. This time they gave me a discount: $300. Naturally, I told him (the Indian) to go to hell.

    10. Randell says:

      i have received several calls from this number over the past couple of months.when i asked this morning,after calling the number back,what business it was,they told me that it was the cal state att office.it is 930 am where i live and they want me to believe that the state att of cal is up doing bus at 630am.get real

    11. Cyrus says:

      I dont want this number to call me or text me

    12. Johnson says:

      This number has been calling us for a couple of weeks several times a day.  We have no idea who it is, but their calls are getting really annoying!  The DNC list is totally useless.

    13. Normand says:

      Didn't no number so didn't answer

    14. Danilo says:

      Annoyed! Called at 1:00 AM and when I answered they hung up.

    15. Kraig says:

      Got a text message that just said "Hi" at 6 a.m.