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    1. Maria says:

      How do I get them to stop calling me!

    2. Jess says:

      Carpet cleaning service that started with "Hi, this is Diane..."

    3. Miles says:

      They have called me 6 times today threating me, telling me that I owe them money. That If I don't pay them back immediately, they will have me arrested the next day, and I will lose my job. They would not provide any written proof, said that the sherrif will bring it when he arrests me. They had a foreign accent. They said I could I could pay them with a MoneyPak Green dot. Then call with the number so they can receive the money. She refused to faxed me any paperwork

    4. Everett says:

      Texted trying to sell things.

    5. Porfirio says:

      When u call back it says party's unavailable

    6. Buddy says:

      Spam, trying to "give away" grant money from Federal gov't.

    7. Dante says:

      Got a call from 209-220-4134 on 5-23-'13 from "wireless caller".  Did not answer as I didn't recognize the number.  They hung up without leaving a message.  I am on the Do Not Call list.  Fat lot of good that does!

    8. Javier says:

      they texted "Hey". i think they are baiting...? not interested

    9. Colton says:

      From those who have played along a little with the scammers it seems as if they are operating out of Jamaica or the Dominican Republic with a spoofed Washington, DC number.  They either want you to get a Wal-Mart or CVS Green Dot Prepaid debit card or wire money via Western Union to a contact in one of those countries for the "processing fee".  They also try for your banking information to "deposit" the grant.  Like others have said, they need to up their game a bit, this scam is so transparent.

    10. Jerrold says:

      Calling about an online survey, did you put your profile online to look for a job. Do you have time to do a quick survey? I said yes, it sounds totally automated, going into detail about your education, date of birth and asking for your name. I found that fishy after the date of birth and name. I hung up on the cell. Beware it sounds really like a person talking.

    11. Buddy says:

      This is the 2nd time I got a call from this number. Called at 6:00pm Monday night. Did not leave a message. I tried to block this call, but that did not stop them !!!!

    12. Joel says:

      Trying to get me to sign up for a credit card.

    13. Laurence says:

      Received 4 calls from this number in less than a month, and only a silence for a message if one is left.

    14. Graham says:

      I have been getting these too! Today they changed they numbers they were calling from because I blocked the first one.

    15. Jeromy says:

      This is a telemarketering