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    1. Spencer says:

      Who called me from this number?

    2. Marcel says:

      Received a phone call from (248) 318-9406, was a IT recruiter from Kelly IT in Michigan. IBM needs affordable Bombay Help Desk people in America, since the Indians want to much now.

    3. Mitchel says:

      Was contacted by 303-990-5572. "She" was on dating site - inquiring whether I had financial means to support her and child. Pretty aggressive about it. Was "in love" with me from Bratislava, Slovakia, or so she said. When I said I'd meet her but only if there were no requests for money "she" took off. No more love letters, texts, etc.

    4. Clark says:

      Just received a call on my cell phone from this number. They did not leave a message. I am on both the National and State do Not Call list and should not be getting these calls. Does anyone know how to stop them?

    5. Erik says:

      Asked for Rick - I get these calls ALL the time.  I keep asking that they remove my number and I am also on the Do Not Call List - This one laughed at me and hung up.  It's very frustrating.

    6. Arnulfo says:

      Received a missed call on my work cell with no message.

    7. Jarrett says:

      debt collector calling for a man who must have had the # prior to me. told them several times i am not Fred. to please take my # off their calling list. they are rude. to the point of harrassment. i am disabled with cancer. i guess i ll have to turn this over to fcc so i can try and heal vs harrassed for a debt that is not mine even if my name were Fred....as a female!

    8. Felix says:

      had 2 calls today. the lady was breaking up and i couldnt understand her. sounded like a mid 20's woman doing some investigating

    9. Warren says:

      A scam artist called me this afternoon claiming to be from Microsoft Windows Tech Support.  He said his name was "Adam", and wanted to help me fix malware and virus issues on my computer.  I've researched this on the Microsoft website.  They will never make unsolicited calls for this type of issue.  I was lucky not to compromise anything.  Please do not fall victim to this fradulent trap.  Thank you for your time and have a blessed day.

    10. Cleo says:

      U can get a loan we just need to deduct 50$ from ur account

    11. Jacinto says:

      someone called me at this num,ber didnt answer when i first picked up, then spoke tto me in a wierd languge and then asked if i was available i said what country are u calling from he spoke a gain in another languge and i hung up that ws really wierd.

    12. Scott says:

      Home protection telemarketing.

    13. Edward says:

      get these calls all the time, its a scam it you get this call just either say u have no computer and that u will call the police on them or just tell them you have a mac and they will hang up. there is no calling list so u wont be taking off, they have a auto dilar that will just call random numbers. Windows or Microsoft never makes calls to tell you that you have viruses, get thsi call just hang up they just wantr to get into your computre get all your personal informantion and your banking acounts and take your money and put viruses in your computer. dont do anythign they say

    14. Jan says:

      Some ppl say 160 is the Texas area code...

    15. Whitney says:

      I got a call from them as well but I have no debt wtf?