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    1. Hai says:


    2. Anibal says:

      New number for the same old scam.  Caller I.D. says "Lodi, CA".  They claim to want to give seniors a "free" medical alert system.  I've received this same crap from at least five numbers, all of which are now blocked on my phones.  Stay a mile away from these crooks.

    3. Wilford says:

      robocaller re sweepstakds entry

    4. Milo says:

      this number came up on my daughters phone several times in just a few minutes...when she answer, person on other end used vulgar language.

    5. Jermaine says:

      They called twice today.  No one there..I waited then finally said "okay then i am hanging up"  and they responded "fine bi*** then hang up"

    6. Dudley says:

      Idaho medical bill collector.

    7. Jerold says:

      Got a call from 1052508075.  The initially spoke with my kid and asked for some verification code. They called 10 times, first it was a lady with a strong Indian accent, I told her that I am on the FCC list and not to bother us, she kept calling us and I kept hagging up.  Next it was her Supervisor "Richard"  asked him for his last name he then said his last name was Richard and first name was John, he then spelled it and could not spell Richard correctly - he spelled it as Reachered.  I asked him to give me a number and will call back.  He said his number was 1 888 225 5322.  The number is the FCC number, however does not go to Richard or anyone.  

    8. Oren says:

      It's for a trek credit card. I feel behind due to job change and relocation. 2-4x per day of constant harassment.

    9. Nick says:

      Got the same number calling me all day all night. They said they are the Florida Energy program (looked it up the number is based out of Hudson) Told them I'm not interested in their crap, (this was a week ago) they still call me....

    10. Marty says:

      i got missed call at 20-12-10 morning 11.52  ... Who is this???

    11. Rafael says:

      No name listed, just a number. Who/whatever it is won't leave a message.

    12. Mervin says:

      Platinum credit card with 0% interest

    13. Bryan says:

      I just let it ring, I never answer them or call them back I always look up the number, I been called by at least four number so far but not one of them the same. The numbers are different each time they call. But I've never gotten the same number calling me back. I'm thinking about f'ing with them giving them a name and other number, almost like what Bart Simsons does while prank calling, I wonder if they will call back after I waste a s*** load of time with them. LOL

    14. Steve says:

      The number 209-224-0304 is The University of Phoenix.

    15. Leon says:

      annoying and want leave me alone