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    1. Emerson says:

      P.S. Don't waste your time contacting your Local Gov. These clowns are from another country and don't have to play by our rules. The "do not call" list means nothing. Blowing whistles, cursing, or the BIGGEST mistake calling them back is not ony childish, it is useless. It only makes it worse to even make contact with them. If all else fells. Get a NEW number.

    2. Gayle says:

      a lady just called from this number and my mother picked up the phone (for some odd reason)... she asked if we painted the house recently and that someone will be in the area to do estimates.

    3. Roscoe says:

      You won a $100.00 walmart gift card..but need your credit card information

    4. Ernest says:

      keep texting and calling me

    5. Lindsay says:

      This is a marketing company - doing surveys. Caller ID shows "PacificTel." I'm on the National do not call list - they call anyway. They keep calling twice a day for weeks. I've pressed the button to remove me from their call list, and they still call me. If it doesn't stop soon, I'll file a complaint with the National Do Not Call List and the Secretary of State of Texas. Might even consider filing harrassment suit. All calls can be proven and documented. I'm getting pretty tired of the calls.

    6. Emil says:

      same thing has been happening to me after I plced an add for a free dog.

    7. Isiah says:

      received call at 10:15 am, answered and they hung up immediately.

    8. Darron says:

      Got a text message from 6245 with a callback number of 917-944-1112 that said [Unverified-Sender] (9179441112) VeloCityCU UPTL alert 267676. Please call 2097325659.  

    9. Harry says:

      I've been paying. They call 6x a day starting at 8am (I do not pick up calls before 9

    10. Alden says:

      Received a message from Joe Mohalick - per the above, seems to be from Capital Financial.  As with above, no reason for call or message other than his number.  Avoid.

    11. Miles says:

      Unknown caller. Possible solicitaion call.

    12. Geraldo says:

      Fake law office who says i owe money.

    13. Man says:

      someone, I do not wish to talk to

    14. Rolf says:

      stop.calligraphy. me bigger

    15. Todd says:

      Filthy individual calls and doesn't say anything, just breathes heavily into the phone. There's always a crowd noise in the background.