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    1. Moses says:

      this number keeps calling my home. no one there when i answer. when i return the call, a message comes on saying the number is not a working number. go figure.

    2. Darryl says:

      Letters matter not random callers, YOU COULD BE THE ULTIMATE CON ARTIST, SCAMS, SPAMS, Y'ALL ALL THE SAME!

    3. Maynard says:

      Got a text today that said "Hey Julie!" from an unknown number. After reading the above, I am not responding. Thanks to those who posted before me. I am also from Texas.

    4. Vince says:

      I received the call from 209-589-1336 (but this page popped up when I googled that number). I actually spoke with someone, they are seeking investors for a company called True Green Energy Group that has a Philippines headquarters but a CEO with SF area phone numbers. I'm on the Do Not Call list so should not get this kind of call. I said as much finally and he hung up on me. I'm reporting my experience to Senator Feinstein because of my concern that it's an investment scam playing on the need to develop clean energy sources.

    5. Mauro says:

      Stalker won't leave me alone

    6. Desmond says:

      They've called 12 times just today. I have no idea who it is.

    7. Frederic says:

      This number has called several times over the last few weeks. I don't answer numbers that I don't recognize and they never leave a message. According to another site, called Spokeo, this numer belongs to a telemarketer.

    8. Margarito says:

      This Intelius Company, phone number 209-825-2873 Has bother us so many times in the last few months.  I am on the no call list and I gather they want to lower my cred card rate.  When I talk to them and told them not to call me anymore they put me on hold.  From going on the reverse cAll number the company is called Intelius, they have a land line and are in Manteca, California.  Maybe we should all get together and sue them.  I have been harassed by them so much I could just cry.  

    9. Drew says:

      hes is a real person claiming to want to but items off craigslist and keeps pushing for you to give him paypal info and if you dont have paypal he pushes you to sign up we texted for an hour and a half he kept going in circles about wanting to pay me using paypal and i dont use that so all that was for nothing

    10. Burton says:

      Timeshare lowlifes! Ugh!

    11. Chong says:

      If you receive calls from this lame, delete

    12. Freddie says:

      Got a call from a person who stated her name was Stephanie from Bankers life. I was in the midst of looking for a job and she was very unspecific in the voicemail she left, just stating that the call was concerning my resume. My resme is posted on a few sites, but in looking back to jobs I had applied for I had never applied to a Bankers life. So I looked up the number. Thank you to "A Web User" for the post, I will not even bother calling back.

    13. Kirby says:

      Please do not agree to this service. The company will take your money. They call your credit card and process transfers that you can do yourself because the credit card company is offering you that same deal. It's a scam.

    14. Garfield says:

      your entry last month has Won!! Goto http://PrizeHubDirect.com and enter your Winning Code: 5555 to claim your Free $1000 BestBuy Gift Card. I didn't enter anything!!!!

    15. Dong says:

      Received unwanted call after I am supposedly on the DO NOT CALL list to lower my interest rate on credit cards.