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    1. Rhett says:

      I was awakened by this call November 26, 2012. This caller used my husband's name (heavily misprononced) to try to identify me. He said he was from the State Dept. He had a very heavy accent, not Indian, but maybe West Indies.  It was 7 a.m., so I just told him to get lost. He called back with a rant of misogynous obscenities which I hung up on. About 2 minutes later, he called back and I clicked the phone on and didn't answer. He kept saying hello hello hello. I wrote down his number and eventually he hung up.

    2. Santos says:

      Cash payday advance solicitation.

    3. Benton says:

      I'm "A Web User" from June 25 @ 10:21am.It's a collections agency (or that's what it sounds like anyway).They're calling for an unknown person - Jennifer Vanilla??I've had this number for 10-ish years; so the calls are quite annoying.It's a prerecorded female.You have the option of pressing 1 to indicate that you are not the person and then 3 to indicate that they have the wrong number. It doesn't matter; they still call back.They are also calling from 256-270-2965 (last two numbers reversed).

    4. Elisha says:

      Received several calls from this number.

    5. Abe says:

      Caller claimed my computer was sending many error messages to Microsoft but admitted he wasn't actually calling from Microsoft.  

    6. Kyle says:

      harassing call.threatening. strong accent

    7. Matt says:

      Extremely rude calls and leaves no message but will harrass and scare my neighbors I didn't even know the neighbors until this. They reported him to the cops as making threating and harassing phone calls Thank God my neighbors are friendly rapheal I hope you get what is coming to you. People like you are scum of the earth and should crawl back under your rock and stay there

    8. Bryon says:

      You may file a complaint with the FCC by:

    9. Geoffrey says:

      I received the same phone call and called my phone company immediately only to be told don't press anything not even to bypass it....ITS A SCAM!!!!! and your phone number can possibly be charged.

    10. Raphael says:

      i did 934 am 1-1-11 (Happy New Year) i'm 715 area code

    11. Cristopher says:

      Yep, ADT trying to push their overpriced, inept services.Good reason to avoid ADT anything.

    12. Quinn says:

      I was enquiring online about reant to buy homes and just one minute after putting in my information they called.... seriously! !!!!

    13. Bernard says:

      They told me they were an attorney and I had to appear in court. I have neer been to NJ-Bayonne. Not sure what the call was about as I have a straight talk mobile phone from Wal-mart. The guy that was on the phone spoke broken english and had a heavy accent.

    14. Frankie says:

      Received call on mobile phone. Did not leave a message.

    15. Alvaro says:

      A company trying to help with rent to own houses.