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    1. Eli says:

      I didn't get a telephone call from this number, but a charge of $4.95 from mfbpsite.com 310-237-6452 was made to my debit card on 3/6/08.  I wouldn't have noticed it, except for the fact that I signed up for alerts offered by my bank, about 8 months ago.  In searching my account over the last year for this same charge, I found they had also "stolen" $4.95 from me in October 2007.

    2. Delbert says:

      Read my post. Tell your employer this is an extortion scam. Let those criminals know you will not be coerced into paying a non-existent debt. If this does not work, inform them your employer has tapped the phone lines and their calls are being monitored by the FBI.

    3. Wiley says:

      i did they asked if I wanted a slice??? who are they????

    4. Lyman says:

      Automated, said was looking for a Kevin Swarez. There was suspicious activity on his account. I don't know this person. I hit the # it said for wrong 4, we'll see if they call back.

    5. Bryon says:

      My call was received on March 13, 2007 at 9:19am

    6. Lindsay says:

      This guy just tried buying my car and used the same TX Air Force base excuse. I have many military connections and we were able to read through the lines. Now my gf came across this site and he seems to be a popular a***ole scammer. I told him no sale and no more response. He used the name Byron Johnson. Colorado Number 7205154539.

    7. Ben says:

      262 IS a valid prefix- it's Waukesha WI... this is a collection agency

    8. Randolph says:

      i recieved the same call just five minutes ago. to reciece 7,000 dollars for being a good citizen. i gave no information to this caller the number was000-000-0000

    9. Avery says:

      They sent a text message to my husbands cell sayin "Merry Christmas" "Ms. Ashley Boo" Not KEWL

    10. Augustus says:

      Had calls from this # and other #'s too. They call frequently, leave no message. If you pick up, no one is there.

    11. Judson says:

      Call my phone 1-5 times per day; let it ring 1-2 times then hang up - never leave a message. Thankfully my phone lets me enter contacts and then put them as send to voicemail automatically; so they just get to go directly to voicemail - don't leave a message, I don't care. Stand in line with the rest of the bill collectors. You'll get your payment as soon as my bankruptcy is complete ! Call all you want!!! Oh - and once I send you a letter to stop calling; you probably should because I'm compiling a list of dates/times and per FDCA, I will be filing a lawsuit - then I'll be rich and owe you nothing.

    12. Kurt says:

      Spam to 9-1-1 emergency pagers

    13. Luis says:

      This phone number calls late at night usually after Midnight.  Sounds like a girl with a group of friends. Traced to NJ>

    14. Denny says:

      Got text on phone. I don't have textin in my pkg & have to pay for each one. Text was "Jen said to send this to you  http://bit.ly/Vkbzwq"

    15. Robert says:

      I got call from this no. +911166077200 around 8.30am.And when i picked up this call it was not a  clear voice,n was saying something  ,i was terrified and then i cut tat call immediately .....