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    1. Warner says:

      Harassing caller everyday. Threatens to have me arrested

    2. Raleigh says:

      i keep getting  a text D:santa @ this number anyone else having the same problem? I also got charged like 20$ on my bill and i didn't even respond to it! anyone else had any of these same problblems??

    3. Clinton says:

      They are a bunch of dumb monkeys working there... No intelligent creatures work there!

    4. Lyle says:

      I was in Baton Rouge when I received the phone call.

    5. Werner says:

      The caller did not leave a message so I called back and got the message "Your call cannot be completed as dialed...." Strange a "business" uses a phone number you can't call back.

    6. Robbie says:

      "BizLoans" jerks who call and hang up several times a day.

    7. Bruce says:

      this guy keeps on calling me telling me i need to listen or the cops will show up at my door in three hours and its been five days  i think its a scam please arest this people

    8. Jess says:

      This number has been calling for two or more months. They claim to be working  with a Law firm that is trying to serve me with papers for a lawsuit which has been filed against me. They ask me to verify personal information over the phone and threaten to send someone out to my job. Now they have begin to call my job!

    9. Aaron says:

      got a text from this number, they represent themselves as Bank of America - it is a fraud. I called BOA to confim. do NOT give these people any information about your banking!

    10. Dexter says:

      Received call from this number. Indian or Pakistani said he was calling from Buffalo NY. Said he was with Worldwide Vacations, and that we were selected for a 3-day/2-night vacation to one of several destinations, with air fair and hotel included. Said the sponsors are American Airlines, Marriott Hotels, and RC Electronics. Said there is no purchase required, and that we would need to claim our vouchers at a "gift claim center" located in our city.

    11. Delbert says:

      Pulse Telecom persuades you to buy cheap international phone calls to eastern European countries.

    12. Burt says:

      CAll from this number. We did not answer. NO message left.

    13. Lane says:

      just random text as t u out yet etc. I think he/she had the wrong number

    14. Arron says:

      May 29th, 2013. 11:01pm ESTI just received a text message from 347-205-1268 telling me to check out some pics at: www.Picmehelp.com... The exact verbiage of the text was as follows:"just put pics on www.picmehelp.com go see them"...I was a victim of online dating site scammers on 2 separate occasions... I stupidly have one of the creeps my cell phone number... They both have my email address... I am wondering if these scum suckers have anything to do with this nonsense... Furthermore... The text asks that I go look at pics... What pics?... Pics of whom?... This is some strange b***sh*t!!... It needs to stop... That one asinine text costed me one minute on my phone...What can be done about getting suspicious emails and text messages?... Any thoughts out there?...

    15. Myron says:

      Thank's for your info re the water jet.  In fact, I just ordered one w/attachments.  I have answered the phone 5 times in the last three days from this # and no one ever responds to my many Hellos. I will soon add them to my Call Block list.  I am also registered on "Do Not Call", however, if I am not mistaken, once you have a business dealing w/an entity, they can call and not be fined.