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    1. Gary says:

      So AT&T can't do anything about it... but the representative I spoke to said sorry to me, and she told me that one of their applications is going to be re-released in 1 or 2 days.

    2. Millard says:

      This a*****e called and said I won a cadalac escalade and I was to call back at the 800 # . I never entered a contest and this guy said he couldnt give out any information due to security reasons. Yea right! BIG SCAM!

    3. Ethan says:

      Bill collector- Repeated back to back harassing phone calls from different numbers claiming to be a "legal mediation firm" (in other words, impersonating an attorney), claims to be filing paperwork with the IRS for an unpaid credit card I never had. Repeated attempts to get my Social Security Number. Also uses the numbers 415-504-1170 and 267-773-6190 and 281-733-2837. Claims to be Paul Carson with AGA Associates. I recommend filing a report with the FTC if this person attempts any of these tactics with you.

    4. Rupert says:

      mr jones from adavance american loan and im been charged with 3 felonies i need to pay $495 to avoid being picked up by police in morning.

    5. Jermaine says:

      Believe to be a scam.. Caller had a India accent. Claim to give me 9000 when I never filled out any type of paper work to receive such a prize. Also the caller ask for my account information & debit card..

    6. Gino says:

      I got 2 phone calls at 5AM from this person with no message left.

    7. Clement says:

      They call me and don't say anything...HOW STUPID...NACKS

    8. Alfonso says:

      i got this same call do you have any idea who it may be i think i know

    9. Byron says:

      ID said Unknown Name Unknown Number. Person or computer knew to stop rings at 4 since answering machine catches on 5th ring. Call came before daylight.

    10. Clement says:

      Monrovia Family Dentistry

    11. Sandy says:

      How do you know if this caller is even bound by the DNC list?  What goods or services where they selling or trying to qualify you as a sales lead for?  If they weren't doing any of those, chances are pretty good the caller is exempt from the DNC list unless it is a recorded message not introduced by a live operator.

    12. Federico says:

      several calls, always hang up, called back got busy signal. Like I have nothing better to do. Get a life jerks!

    13. Sebastian says:

      direct tv calls at all hours

    14. Leonel says:

      Idk, didn't speak English

    15. Maximo says:

      no calls or text unwanted