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    1. Ward says:

      Stalker and prank caller with std

    2. Loyd says:

      Didn't say anything...recorded voice just said hello

    3. Florentino says:

      I'm doing me so stop calling my phone thanks ....

    4. Chance says:

      This was for the Arkansas Symphony

    5. Franklin says:

      This caller has been harassing me and I want it to stop immediately.

    6. Brendon says:

      I got same message from 209-481-9288

    7. Burt says:

      Called my office cell phone and asked for me. When I responded that I was the person they had requested, they hung up. When I called back, there was a recording saying this number was unassigned.

    8. Hugo says:

      Unknown number, did not answer. No voicemail left

    9. Gerald says:

      definitely spam. automated voicemail message about the bank card information

    10. Anibal says:

      Calling with infotmation about an insurance quote. She had my name & address and I asked her not to call me and delete my info.

    11. Carson says:

      Got a text message saying "you've been selected to win a FREE Bestbuy GIftcard for $1000! Enter the code: 'FREE301' at www.bestbuy.combuxz.giz to get 1 now! txt out to stp

    12. Dante says:

      I got the same call this evening. It was a very heavily accented man, and the police around here could tell me nothing. I have names of people I spoke with, ext. to call back as well as call back number. The call originally came from a blocked number. However, they had an old address for me and the cell phone number for my husband. We did give the account information (it's savings and can not be overdrawn). And in the morning we will be transferring all funds into our checking. The police were no help at all. And when I asked if this was a scam or what, I was told they could not withdraw money from my account with out my authorization. I was also promised $5000 but told the "selected few" based on "being a good citizen" could receive between $2000 and $25000. When I asked about the fee I was told that $299 came back from the $5000 when you received your money, and someone would be calling me in a couple of days to see if I had gotten it or not. A google search quickly showed me the call came from CA. And a number search pulled this up. Guess I can only hope that the Authorities are able to do their job when/if there are transactions made on the account before I can get it closed.

    13. Roland says:

      wont stop calling. i hate them.

    14. Jeromy says:

      I get calls from this number twice a week and I never answer. They often wake me up.

    15. Alfonso says:

      Yes, this evening I received an obscene call from this number and I would like to report it. I anyone knows anything or has received an unwanted call from this number let me know if you find out anything.