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    1. Roger says:

      Called me in 514 area code.

    2. Vern says:

      Tried calling the number to find out who it is and it says the number is no longer in service. Then received a call from them 10 minutes later.

    3. Daron says:

      Do not let this number show up on my phone

    4. Chance says:

      This company has been calling us for months at 2 phone numbers.

    5. Olin says:

      Same message i've received the last couple days.

    6. Adan says:

      I forgot to mention that he says he's calling from a law firm. But you can clearly hear from all of the background noise that it's a call center. I have also been called from another phone # and I wanted to share that as well. Heavily accented guy this time says his name is "William". (lol) and his "direct hotline is 818-812-4117. When you try to call him back you get his voicemail and it's always full and can't recieve any more new messages. When he calls me the caller ID reads all 0's.

    7. Jaime says:

      I received a text with my name in it & a link they said to check out. I did not click it & don't know the number.

    8. Fletcher says:

      when I answered, there was a recording telling me to please wait while my call was connected.... this after wifi printer woke up and got ready to print when it was not given any command......

    9. Reginald says:

      A reward company saying you won.

    10. Tony says:

      Same thing with me on the Craigslist ad.  SCAMMER

    11. Donn says:

      its the crazy hina do not answer

    12. Hector says:

      I'm having a hard time from hearing my cousin on the line? Could it be a Signal Problem?

    13. Hollis says:

      We have received repeated calls from "card services" with fraudulent remarks on a recording, and we have attempted to be removed from their calling list with no success.

    14. Chadwick says:

      The phone rang this morning so I answered it, i have the day off from school, i didnt say anything because i didnt recognize the number, i then hit it against the stand just thinking that it might an automated person on the other line. Then someone asked for me, i just ended up hanging up, but im kinda curious to whom it was. On the caller ID it said, "MAINE"

    15. Shad says:

      I just got the same stupid call. I thought it was fishy right off the back and kept telling the guy I was doing what he wanted me to on my computer. As soon as he asked me to "connect to technician" I said no. He started defending himself saying he wasn't a scammer, so I asked for his phone number to call him back to verify it. He gave me the number, and right away I knew it was a scam because of the 209 area code instead of a normal 1-800 number. It also came up as unknown name and unknown number. As he was defending himself and saying it wasn't a scam, I typed the phone number into google and this post came up. Then I called him a liar and hung up. He then tried to call back and I didn't answer. SO glad I didn't let him into my computer. The man I talked to introduced himself as Sean.