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    1. Glen says:

      Phytolindo@demoniorojothebestYes, there are young people, but its not the party arpmsohete you may think of. It's mostly families and couples. We changed the schedule for dinner and didnt attend the gala, it wasnt all that and u can eat anywhere else in the cruise, so it was nothing special. No dress code for us. It's a cruise!!! LOL

    2. Ned says:

      Keep calling in the early morning and dont leave a message or anything

    3. Domenic says:

      got a one ring and hang up call I live in Canada. No Idea why one would be calling me.

    4. Rex says:

      I just got this call, i have an orlando cell and it was a recorded message in spanish, i think it asked me to press one, i replied "Que" and no response and hung up.

    5. Joe says:

      Thanks for registering and conmmntieg Ben! Good to see you, again.I saw Akismet in the plugins area. By using it, can I keep guest comments open and avoid most of the spam?

    6. Minh says:

      Be careful do your research see what they have to say you coul get in more trouble for just blowing it off I know

    7. Kristopher says:

      Dont reply werid stalker werido off chat line lol

    8. Sal says:

      I thought it was just a wrong number but it's the 3rd time I got this call. You would think by now they would realize were not interested. I told her, " No Comprende" and hung up.

    9. Theron says:

      Don't want unknown calls or text from this person

    10. Russ says:

      The text I received says, "Your Google Verification Code is" then a number. Just a few minutes before, I received the exact same from a different number, 949-208-5918. Heads up, folks! No telling how many numbers are going to send this message.

    11. Maxwell says:

      Got a text saying, "Apple is looking for people to Test & Keep the New iPad 3! But only the 1st 1000 users that goto http://theipad3.mobi and enter code BETA will Receive it!" Highly annoying.

    12. Kieth says:

      Text message saying you won a Wal-Mart gift card. Its crap

    13. Nicholas says:

      Mortgage assistance-refinance

    14. Emilio says:

      interesting...never got spam on my phone before!

    15. Nathan says:

      Spammer says He is in las vegas, that i won the lotto and wants personal information