740-838 Phone Me Not

  • 740-838-0378
  • 740-838-0379
  • 740-838-0380
  • 740-838-0381
  • 740-838-0382
  • 740-838-0383
  • 740-838-0384
  • 740-838-0385
  • 740-838-0386
  • 740-838-0387
  • 740-838-0388
  • 740-838-0389
  • 740-838-0390
  • 740-838-0391
  • 740-838-0392
  • 740-838-0393
  • 740-838-0394
  • 740-838-0395
  • 740-838-0396
  • 740-838-0397
  • 740-838-0398
  • 740-838-0399
  • 740-838-0400
  • 740-838-0401
  • 740-838-0402
  • 740-838-0403
  • 740-838-0404

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    1. Kendall says:

      I got a call from this number and do not know who this is,,,

    2. Herbert says:

      Keep leaving unwanted text messages.

    3. Barton says:

      You are a liar poss. Down with the scam f*** dennis parker...

    4. Cruz says:

      Welsfargo... Calliing and bugging about a person I don't know ugh

    5. Herb says:

      Specializing in filthy SPAM apparently. Go away.

    6. Cletus says:

      text to goto to reward-bestbuy.com and claim gift card. Scum I guess

    7. Pedro says:

      Another blog said to call 307-223-0458 to stop the phone calls. I did and it worked!

    8. Branden says:

      i attempted business with the loan shark service of thinkcash and i know they sold my phone number

    9. Stanford says:

      Fbi reports crime every 15 min. They wanted to put a sign in the yard and install a security system. They didn't say where they were from and it was a prerecorded message.

    10. Pablo says:

      It's a recruiter for a construction company. I was called twice back to back and someone finally spoke to me the second call. Wanted to know if I was still looking for a full time job because they were hiring. Didn't hear who the

    11. Werner says:

      I'm not understanding why am a receiving a call from 317-269-7328....WHY ARE THEY CALLING ME!!!!!

    12. Merrill says:

      I received a call from 130-597-2810 and I do not know who or what this call means.

    13. Shaun says:

      This number kept popping up on my phone. I finally answered and they asked for my husband. When I tried to ask the lady was very pushy, said she would try back and hung up on me as I tried to explain this is not his number. I called back and they answered as "can I speak to (_husbands name_)" I asked what was the nature of their call and she said a education referral service, again was pushy to which I said I didn't understand why they were calling. She shortly said, "that's fine I will remove you from our list" and again hung up. Very rude solicitation call. I would never do business with someone like this anyways. IDK where they got my number in the first place.

    14. Bert says:

      No idea. Left a voicemail with my name and no other information

    15. Jessie says:

      Have received two calls and they left a 5 minute voicemail about the candidates.