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    1. Damian says:

      calls asking for someone else. automated voice message

    2. Wilfred says:

      An online school that is desperate

    3. Salvador says:

      they are in love with me and i have no clue who it is. help

    4. Evan says:

      The calls keep coming for many months now. I have pushed 3 to make them stop by they keep calling from all sorts of phone numbers. Please make them stop

    5. Kirk says:

      I didn't answer and they didn't leave a message. I didn't recognize the number or even the prefix.

    6. Brice says:

      Is this the phone number of Bayside-Construction LLC in Naples, FL?

    7. Boris says:

      (206) 455-9053 Pretending to be Verizon Wireless. Seems that's debt collectors...

    8. Merlin says:

      Took awhile for someone to say anything after I answered.  Figured it was telemarketers.  Asked for the bartender.  They wanted my e-mail address and/or web page information.  Said they would pay for questions answered in this survey and again asked for e-mail address.  Said I wasn't interested and hung up.  If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!!!

    9. Jonathon says:

      I have registered a formal complaint on another website, and will continue to spread the word until someone stops this harassing number

    10. Arnulfo says:

      Caller ask if we wanted to lower our interest rate on credit cards.

    11. Son says:

      im busy right now leave a message

    12. Ted says:

      Got the same text message about Credit Union not regular activity. Just came in. First tried to look up ken@winsins.com and no go. so I typed in number, which led me to this. Can't trust anyone or anything anymore!!!!

    13. Enrique says:

      We just got a call with an automated message about a free home security system with free monitoring. It was clearly targeted at senior citizens by the "statistics" it cited. This was the first time they left a message. The caller ID had no name, and the message did not include a company name.

    14. Israel says:

      Received a call today from this number.  Left no message.  Others are saying that it is  from Allstate.  I'd like to know how they got my cell number!

    15. Cody says:

      Yeap. Called me too.  When I answered I heard brief laughter - then 'click'.